Animal Logo Design: Animal Symbolism in Branding (With Examples)

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In this article, we touch on the different animal symbolisms and why brands opt to use animal-themed logos.

Animal symbolism is based on each animal’s traits and stories from different cultures. It’s easy for people to form an emotional bond with a living thing. Animal logos are used by some of the most successful companies because they are memorable. Designers creating brand identities often research animals and symbolism because they can reach customers better when they use these images. 

Lion Logo DesignLion Logo DesignLion Logo Design
Logos with lion images are a popular choice for strong animal logos.

Many brand traits can be represented with animals and symbolism. Once the perfect combination of imagery, color, and style merge, the result can be a powerful animal logo. We can find many brands that use animals in their logo, even if the business has nothing to do with animals. Think of brands like Lacoste, Firefox, NBC, Puma, and many more. By making a connection with an animal, brands can build recognition. 

If you’re looking for animal-themed logos like deer head logos or logos with lion images, Envato Elements has an amazing animal logo library. Be sure to also check out their other sections, like fonts, photos, and graphic templates. Here, we’ll also show you top animal logos from GraphicRiver and animal logo designs from the Placeit logo maker

1. Dog Logo Design

Dogs are a man’s best friend and are known for their most important quality, loyalty—which is also important for a brand and its customers. Dogs can also signify protection and devotion. In the logo below, the dog has a strong posture of readiness and pride. The style of the logo will also emphasize a specific trait. In this dog logo design, the animal is grounded, and the lines are elegant. 

Dog Logo DesignDog Logo DesignDog Logo Design
Dog Logo Design

2. Snake Logo Design

Across many different cultures, snakes have been a symbol of rebirth, transformation, and healing. Snakes also represent eternity and constant renewal. The Greeks regarded snakes as sacred and used them in many healing rituals. The staff of Asclepius is a serpent-entwined rod. Aesculapian snakes were used in healing and purification rituals as they were non-venomous. The snakes were also allowed to crawl on the floor of the dormitories where the sick slept. That’s how the medical logo of a snake image came into being.

Snakes can symbolise more than just healing, however. This snake logo design represents a snake ready to attack, so it can used for a video game logo with a similar theme. 

Snake Logo DesignSnake Logo DesignSnake Logo Design
Snake Logo Design

3. Black Cat Logo Design

In some cultures, black cats are seen as evil omens and associated with witchcraft. In most European countries, crossing a black cat could mean bad luck. In Scotland, on the other hand, a black cat on your porch could mean that prosperity was on its way.

Spiritually, cats can mean power, luck, fortune, and prosperity. All of these are words that any brand would like to be represented by. This black cat logo design features a beautiful cat image constructed inside a circle, making it visually stunning. The style of the logo makes it great for a gaming-related brand. 

Black Cat Logo DesignBlack Cat Logo DesignBlack Cat Logo Design
Black Cat Logo Design

4. Deer Logo Design

Deer can often be symbols of hunting. In many cultures, bringing a deer home meant prosperity, when survival depended on hunting. In China, the word “deer” is a homonym of the word “abundance”, also symbolizing prosperity.

The deer is one of the most important Native American symbols because it’s considered sacred. It’s also a symbol of gentleness, abundance, and longevity. The stance of the animal in this deer logo design is one of pride and strength. The thick lines reinforce the idea of a strong presence.

Deer Logo DesignDeer Logo DesignDeer Logo Design
Deer Logo Design

5. Lion Logo Design

Lions are one of the most common animals used in logos. If there’s one animal that perfectly represents power and strength, it’s none other than the lion. These animals also have an elegance to them, representing majesty, excellence and, when they roar, pride. Logos with lion images represent strong authority, so their audience can trust them. The depiction of a lion on the logo below is symmetrical, and the linework is elegant, creating a strong, proud lion. 

Lion Logo DesignLion Logo DesignLion Logo Design
Lion Logo Design

6. Monkey Logo Design

Monkeys are often associated with joy, grace, and community. These animals can also be curious and mischievous. In Japan, the word “monkey” is very similar to a word meaning “no evil.” This is how the saying “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil” originated. In Chinese culture, many Buddhists depict the monkey as representing safety and intelligence.

This beautiful monkey logo design features a geometric image in a pose similar to a guard ready to defend. The depiction, like monkeys themselves, is fun and joyful. 

Monkey Logo DesignMonkey Logo DesignMonkey Logo Design
Monkey Logo Design

7. Owl Logo Design

Historians have found texts showing that the Acropolis was protected by owls. The Greeks believed that owls possessed inner light that allowed them to see in the dark. Wisdom and knowledge are synonymous with owls. Their mysterious gaze also communicates courage, protection, and supernatural powers. Owls are independent hunters, and many other birds feel threatened by them.

This simple owl logo design features the bird in mid-flight with its wings spread, but with a strong, mysterious gaze. Considering the stylistic features of this logo, it could work well for a craft beer brand—beer requires a great deal of knowledge to brew. A brand that stands for independence could also use this type of logo.

Owl Logo DesignOwl Logo DesignOwl Logo Design
Owl Logo Design

8. Duck Logo Design

In Chinese culture, ducks are a symbol of love, affection, and marriage. In Celtic culture, a mallard duck represents transition, honesty, and resourcefulness. Because ducks can live both on land and in the water, they are seen also as intuitive and flexible.

This duck logo design features a beautiful illustration of a duck that is inviting and traditional. The logo can be used for a farm or even a love-related brand, like a wedding planner. 

Duck Logo DesignDuck Logo DesignDuck Logo Design
Duck Logo Design

9. Cow Logo Design

The cow is a powerful symbol. In many cultures, cows symbolize generosity, the origin of life, and nurturing. For Hindu communities, cows are sacred, and many elder cows have special housing. Because cows provide essential food and milk, the symbolism of fertility also applies.

The cow logo design below features an illustration of a cow in a medium-thickness line style, almost feminine in nature, reinforcing the idea that cows are a symbol of fertility. The logo could be used for a gastronomy-related brand or a cattle ranch.

Cow Logo DesignCow Logo DesignCow Logo Design
Cow Logo Design

10. Whale Logo Design

Whales are not only the largest animal known to man but also the loudest—their songs can be heard for thousands of kilometers in the ocean. For Northwestern Native Americans, whales are a symbol used often on their totems. There’s mysticism surrounding whales, and they are associated with magnificence because of their size, passion, and solitude.

The whale logo design featured below is pictorial in style. It’s a beautiful illustration that can be used for a brand that stands for compassion and transformation, like a clothing brand or even a self-development business. 

Whale Logo DesignWhale Logo DesignWhale Logo Design
Whale Logo Design

11. Chicken Logo Design

The age-old question of what came first, the chicken or the egg, gave the chicken the meaning of fertility and new beginnings. Throughout history, chickens have been sacrificial animals, giving them the symbolism of renewal, as well as fortitude, growth, and lifecycles. This chicken logo design features an almost traditional illustration of a chicken with a relaxed posture enhancing its elegance. 

Chicken Logo Design
Chicken Logo Design

12. Rabbit Logo Design

We might think of rabbits as fuzzy and cute, but different cultures have given this animal a different meaning. Rabbits can be highly perceptive and witty. Native American cultural stories portray them as ingenious tricksters. Celtic tales connect the rabbit with the moon because of its nocturnal lifestyle. The moon is connected to fertility, and so is the rabbit. These animals also remind us of vulnerability and inner strength.

Since rabbits are associated with being ingenious, the rabbit logo design below also features a child-like depiction of a rabbit. Mix the style, symbolism, and target market, and you have a friendly nursery brand logo. 

Rabbit Logo DesignRabbit Logo DesignRabbit Logo Design
Rabbit Logo Design

13. Crocodile Logo Design

Crocodile symbolism includes ancient wisdom, protection, strength, stealth, and efficiency. These words are often associated with sports, and crocodiles make appearances in many sport logos or sport-related brands. Crocodiles are calculating animals that can sneak up on anyone.

Crocodiles are said to be very ancient, and one of their main attributes is their tough skin. This kind of tough skin is sought after to replicate ancient armour and to give a person toughness in battle. That’s why logos like the one below are often used for gyms, sports teams, and anything that represents toughness and strength. 

Crocodile Logo DesignCrocodile Logo DesignCrocodile Logo Design
Crocodile Logo Design

14. Bird Logo Design

Generally, birds are often symbols of freedom, transition, eternity, and life and death. There are different symbols depending on the species. For instance, the sparrow is closely associated with productivity, diligence, and creativity. Native Americans believe that birds are the connection between the human world and the spirit one, giving them the duty of delivering messages.

This bird logo design features an illustration-style sparrow that could be used for a high-end restaurant brand or coffee shop that stands up for creativity and diligence.

Bird Logo DesignBird Logo DesignBird Logo Design
Bird Logo Design

15. Bear Logo Design

Bears are tolerant, affectionate, and protective animals. Because of their protective nature, bears are often a symbol of family and strength. They’re also known for courage and a strong-willed nature. Bears are known to be the protectors of the animal kingdom. More specifically, grizzly bears are fierce animals that are often independent and hard workers.

Many sports-related brands will use a grizzly bear as their mascot, like the bear logo design below. It features a strong, thick-lined illustration of a grizzly bear ready for a game. 

Bear Logo DesignBear Logo DesignBear Logo Design
Bear Logo Design

16. Kraken Logo Design

The kraken is a giant squid-like creature originating from tales in Norway. A kraken is a symbol of mystery since it’s said to live in the depths of the ocean. Water is generally associated with intuition and emotions. The kraken is also symbolic of creativity, desire, healing, and release. This kraken logo design features a minimalist symbol of a kraken, and this logo could work for a clothing brand or a spirits brand. 

Kraken Logo DesignKraken Logo DesignKraken Logo Design
Kraken Logo Design

17. Fox Logo Design

Foxes appear in many mythologies and in the folklore of many cultures. Foxes tend to be solitary, shy, and mostly nocturnal. Foxes have amazing hearing—they can hear low-frequency sounds. Foxes are a symbol of patience, energy, motivation, and strategy. This fox logo design includes the animal in motion, symbolizing fast-paced action, readiness, and motivation. It would be great for a tech company or even a sports brand.   

Fox Logo DesignFox Logo DesignFox Logo Design
Fox Logo Design

18. Rooster Logo Design

Roosters are a very popular symbol throughout Asia. In Chinese culture, the rooster represents five traits: responsibility, faithfulness, courage, kindness, and confidence. In Native American culture, roosters are a symbol of resurrection and fertility, in this case for men. The awesome painting/illustration in this rooster logo design could successfully work for a coffee brand or bakery. 

Rooster Logo DesignRooster Logo DesignRooster Logo Design
Rooster Logo Design

19. Wolf Logo Design

Wolves are complex, intelligent animals that are often symbols of intuition, loyalty, protection, and teamwork. Wolves like to move in a pack and depend on each other to survive. The lore of the lone wolf is a legend because it’s rare to find a wolf alone. Wolves can be aggressive if their loved one is threatened. The wolf logo design below could work well for a sports equipment brand, sports team, tech company, or even a gamer. 

Wolf Logo DesignWolf Logo DesignWolf Logo Design
Wolf Logo Design

20. Buffalo Logo Design

In Native American culture, the buffalo is seen as a spiritually powerful animal and symbolizes honor and generosity. Buffalos are strong, decisive animals, and their physical features contribute to much of their symbolism, with their powerful bodies and strong shoulders representing a grounded nature. These creatures are protective of their children, symbolizing strength and protection.

This buffalo logo design featuring the buffalo’s head could be used for an investment company since buffalos represent strength and stability. Those traits are something clients would be looking for in an investment firm. 

Buffalo Logo DesignBuffalo Logo DesignBuffalo Logo Design
Buffalo Logo Design

Using Animal Symbolism for Logo Design

Using animal symbolism is a smart way to reinforce brand traits through living things. This way, the audience can not only make an emotional connection with a mascot or a logo but also remember it easily.

Brands can use animal-themed logos even if they have nothing to do with a specific animal. It’s important to do research on the meaning and symbolism of animals in different cultures and to consider the target market to avoid any cultural mistakes. It’s also important to consider the style of the logo and colors to create an even stronger brand.

If you’re short on time, be sure to check out Envato Elements for great pet logo designs and cute cat logos. Their library is growing and always evolving with amazing assets. GraphicRiver’s animal logos and Placeit’s animal logo designs are also great options! Or you can check out these cool resources:

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