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A personal website is one of the greatest assets you can have in 2019. 

A personal resume website puts you in complete control over your name and your personal brand. It also increases your visibility and makes it easier for employers, or even clients, to find you online.

Example of professional resume website design
Example of professional resume (CV) website design from MotiCV site template.

Whatever your situation, you need a personal resume website that represents your skills:

  • fresh out of college and looking for employment
  • trying to break into the freelancing world
  • seasoned pro wanting to attract more clients

For the best resume website templates and HTML profile templates, be sure to check Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. We’ve also shared over 23 resume website examples in this post to help you find ideas and inspiration.

Best HTML Resume Website Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

You can find many of the best resume website templates on Envato Elements, with a great offer. Download as many as you want for one low price.

Each of these awesome website resume designs from Envato Elements has tons of professional and creative marketing options. They’re stacked with pro design features and great visuals to choose from. Yet, they’re also simple and easy to work with. 

The Best HTML Personal Resume Website Templates on Envato Elements
Resume Website Templates on Envato Elements – (personal website examples in HTML – 2019).

Grab one of these personal, resume, curriculum (CV), or portfolio website templates. Use it to quickly create a memorable first impression. They come with ready-to-use designs to showcase your:

  • personal information and brand,
  • educational background,
  • work experiences, portfolio, blogs,
  • offered services, testimonials,
  • social media accounts and contact details.

Add your personal text, creative graphics and preferred colors to these already visually impactful HTML resume code templates. Swiftly prep your resume website with your custom info. Launch your new curriculum (CV) website online. You’re all ready to impress your future employer or client. It’s that easy!  

5 Top Resume Website Template Examples (New From Envato Elements – 2019)

Here are a handful of the top personal website template examples in HTML (with creative and professional layouts to represent you). These are trending on Envato Elements: 

1. The Book: Personal Website Template for Resumes

The Book Personal Resume Website Template

The Book is retina ready and responsive. It’s an easy to customize, v-card/portfolio/mini website template made with HTML and CSS. Introduce yourself with the most important information to your future clients or employers. This unique resume website design comes with many other awesome features like:

  • tabbed navigation
  • google map
  • single portfolio page
  • filterable portfolio
  • single blog page 
  • Instagram feed

2. Minimal Folio – Simple HTML Resume Portfolio Template

Minimal Folio  Resume Portfolio Template

The Minimal Folio is one of the simplest to use and best resume website templates. It’s ideal for the creative person who needs to showcase their work as images or videos in a portfolio format. Let your past work bring life to your personal resume website and stand out from the crowd. This clean white background with 960 grid system in color has many page layouts to keep things simple and professional.

3. Selfer Portfolio – CV Personal Website HTML Template

Selfer Portfolio  Personal Website Template

This is a creative, mobile first personal portfolio landing page. It’s suited for designers, developers, coders, freelancers, architects or any creative person. Stand out from other portfolio templates with this bold dark background. Gentle and smooth interactive animations make the user experience more natural and comfortable.

4. BookCard – 3D Animated Folded Web Resume Template

BookCard  3D Animated Folded Web Resume Template

This four-page resume website template (cover page + three inner pages with custom styled scrollbars) is a creative way to showcase your online identity. It’s absolutely unique and sleek. This personal website template is easy to customize. It comes with 50 predefined styles. It also comes with over 20 popular social icons and is Google map ready.

5. Hire Me – Personal HTML Resume/CV Website Design

Hire Me  Personal Resume Website

Hire me works well for any business; chef, blogger, designer or even an astronaut. It’s a perfect, modern and simple resume website template. No need for custom code. Many options and features are included to make it easy to edit. It’ll save you a lot of time and make your personal HTML resume creation simple and easy. 

Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

Envato Elements - Unlimited creative template downloads
Envato Elements – Unlimited creative template downloads for one low price.

Envato Elements has a single compelling (all inclusive) offer:

Sign up for Envato Elements. You’ll get access to thousands of creative graphics and templates (with unlimited use), from design files, professional fonts, to HTML website templates, and more—all for one low price.

Envato Elements Creative Assets
Get unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets. 

That’s right! Download as many creative templates and graphics as you want. Then customize them to fit any of your project needs.

Envato Elements is a powerful option. But if you prefer to buy new resume website templates one at a time (instead of getting unlimited access to hundreds of creative designs), check out the selection from our ThemeForest marketplace below.

18+ Best Personal Website Examples in HTML Templates (From Envato Market – For 2019)

We’ve got you covered if you need to buy a template one at a time. In our online CV and web resume templates category on Envato Market, you can choose from hundreds of creative layouts. All are modern, easily editable, feature minimalist design, and won’t break the bank. 

We also have many professionally designed best resume website template on Envato Market, such as these trending best-sellers below:

Best HTML Resume Templates
Best Personal Resume Website Template, available for sale on Envato Market. 

Here’s a curated selection of professional HTML profile templates geared toward making personal, resume, and portfolio sites. Browse through these inspirational resume website examples. Find one that’s got the right style and features that fit your personal brand best.

1. Material/CV Resume & vCard – Resume HTML Site Template

MaterialCV Resume  vCard - Resume HTML Site Template

This material resume and CV template looks modern and fresh. It’s a great choice for any type of industry and can easily be customized to match your brand colors and style. The personal profile template includes:

  • fully responsive layout
  • SEO-friendly code
  • custom icons
  • pricing tables
  • an availability calendar
  • and more 

2. Flato – Flat CV/Resume HTML Profile Template

Flato - Flat CVResume HTML Profile Template

If you want a template that allows you to showcase your past projects, this is the personal profile template for you. You can share your artwork, illustrations, photography, graphic or web design projects. Plus, list your education, skills, and previous experience. The template is fully responsive, and you can customize colors, fonts, and more. 

3. MEE – Responsive Resume in HTML Site Template

MEE - Responsive Resume HTML Site Template

The MEE template is sure to make you stand out. It uses a horizontal layout, which makes it easy to focus on one section of your resume at a time. The personal profile template comes with four premade color schemes, but you can easily customize them to your liking. You’ll also find a blog page as well as a custom 404 page, skill pie charts, portfolio section, and a working contact form.

4. Flatrica – Flat CV/Resume HTML Site Template

Flatrica - Flat CVResume HTML Site Template

Make an impact. Grab a potential employer’s attention with this simple HTML resume template with professional design. 

Flatrica comes with several demo versions, including a video slider in the header. This template is a great choice for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd. You can make an excellent impression with a personal video message.

The website resume template also includes an animated timeline of your past experience. Plus, there are skill bars and a button that links to the downloadable version of your resume. The template includes 12 different site color schemes to choose from. And it’s fully responsive.

Learn how to quickly customize this HTML resume template for your personal brand use: 

5. Desmond – Personal HTML Resume Website Template

Desmond - Personal HTML Resume Website Template

Desmond is a stunning and elegant resume website that comes in light and dark versions. The resume website design is rather minimal. All the information is included on a single page, without looking cluttered. 

The personal profile template includes portfolio and client sections where you can display logos of previous clients and examples of your previous work. Create your own sections and change colors. Plus, include FontAwesome icons to highlight different sections.

6. Decent – Material CV & Personal Resume Site Template

Decent - Material CV  Personal Resume Site Template

If you’re serious about adding a blog to your site, don’t forget to check out the Decent template. It can help you create one of the best resume websites. There’s a minimal timeline, filterable portfolio, and smooth animation effects. This template also includes a beautiful blog page where you can share your industry knowledge and establish yourself as the go-to expert in your field.  

The contact information is very detailed too, allowing you to include not only your email, phone, and your address along with a Google Map. It also includes a working contact form.

7. MUU – Creative and Interactive Resume/Folio Template

MUU - Creative and Interactive ResumeFolio Template

MUU allows you to integrate your personality into your resume. You can insert an image of yourself in almost every section of the resume. MUU presents your skills, past experience, and education in a list format and offers a unique slideshow in the header. 

Visitors can scroll with their arrow keys to navigate the website. The entire layout looks great on both standard computers as well as mobile devices. On top of that, MUU comes with a blog page as well as a coming soon template.

8. CVitae – Responsive HTML Resume Website Template

CVitae - Responsive HTML Resume Website Template

Try out the CVitae curriculum website template to use the popular parallax design and make an impression on potential employers. The template offers 14 various intro sections and many helpful features, which include:

  • the ability to link to your social media profiles 
  • show your skills with animated skill bars 
  • list your education in an expandable section 
  • and much more 

Projects can be placed and organized in albums and employers can download the resume with a click of a button.

9. Resume Dojo – Feature-Rich HTML Website Template

Resume Dojo - Feature-Rich HTML Website Template

Consider the Resume Dojo HTML web resume template if you’re looking for a personal site design with plenty of features. You can display not only your skills and education, but your hobbies and awards as well. 

There’s also a filterable portfolio section to showcase your past projects in style. Plus, there’s a testimonial section to build your social proof. The contact section includes a stylish contact form and links to your social media profiles and your email address and phone number.

10. Tile – Simple, Elegant Resume/Curriculum Site Template

Tile - Simple Elegant ResumeCurriculum Site Template

This HTML profile template is perfect for a personal resume website. It’s got plenty of sections to highlight all the relevant information. It also gives you the option to add your own personality to it by including a large headshot and your preferred color scheme. 

A testimonial section is available. You can include client’s photos as well as their position at the company. The contact form is a bonus, as well as the blog page. So, you can keep your site updated and full of fresh content that positions you as a real authority.

11. RStill – Minimal, Stylish HTML Resume Website Template

RStill - Minimal Stylish HTML Resume Website Template

This simple resume website template is rather minimal with plenty of white space, which helps visitors focus on your content. Different skill bars are used to show off your skill level. You can display both professional skills and extra interests as well. 

Build your credibility with testimonials and quality content on your blog. The working contact form ensures that HR managers and potential clients can easily inquire about your availability and schedule an interview.

12. ProResume – Professional Resume/CV Site Template

ProResume - Professional ResumeCV Site Template

Try out the ProResume HTML profile template for a more traditional approach to an online resume. You can include a slideshow in the header area along with a button to download your resume. Share your skills, education, and interests and highlight it with beautiful typography. Add icons for extra visual appeal in your skills section. Use the filterable portfolio so potential employers can see examples of your skills in action.

13. Difference – Customizable HTML Resume Website Template

Difference - Customizable HTML Resume Website Template

The main selling point of this personal profile template is the easy customization and fun design. The resume site template puts your primary information immediately below a beautiful header image. 

Add a button for a downloadable version of your resume. All the major sections are included to showcase your education, skills, experience, interests, and more. Testimonials from previous clients are an excellent way to display your references. Plus, the contact section includes a Google Map.

14. Jordan – Interactive Resume Website Template With Portfolio

Jordan - Interactive Resume Website Template With Portfolio

Consider using the Jordan HTML resume code template to incorporate videos in your portfolio projects. This ready-to-use site template has an elegant portfolio section that allows you to use both videos and images. The animated timeline makes the skills and education section visually appealing. 

Display your thoughts and work process, showcase testimonials, and even include pricing tables if you’re freelancing. And do it all while searching for your dream job.

15. Moraco – Clean, Personal HTML Resume Template

Moraco - Clean Personal HTML Resume Template

Moraco comes with two different demo versions. Both feature a trendy and clean look. Start off with a brief summary of your background. Then transition into displaying the main content of your resume.

Aside from all the traditional elements, you can also display your services. This comes in handy if you want to work with clients until the right opportunity comes along.

16. I’m Rex – Material HTML Resume & CV Website Template

Im Rex - Material HTML Resume  CV Website Template

This responsive, one-page, personal resume in HTML site template shows off your expertise and resume in a stylish material design. There’s plenty of white space so employers can focus on the details. 

Animated skill bars allow you to display your skill level, work experience, and education online. It comes with an interesting hover effect that makes them stand out. Portfolio items can be filtered based on the type of project. This entire online CV website template is responsive. It works great across various browsers and screen sizes.

17. Classic – Lightweight Personal HTML Website Template

Classic - Lightweight Personal HTML Website Template

The Classic personal website template starts off with a large background image overlaid with your logo, your name, and your profession. Share information about yourself. Then display the usual education, skills, and past project sections. 

What makes this simple HTML resume site template stand out is the clever placement of testimonials right next to the work experience. Skill bars sit right next to the education section. On top of that, this great resume website example includes Ionicons fonts, which add extra visual appeal.

18. Vertica – Multipurpose Resume HTML Site Template

Vertica - Multipurpose Resume HTML Site Template

The Vertica is a multipurpose resume in HTML template with a modern design. The template stands out with its full-width background image. So, you can easily add your photo. The template uses a one-page layout, which makes it easy to see all the information at once. The template is also fully responsive and includes an interactive timeline.

19. SLAMR – Clean Resume in HTML Site Template

SLAMR - Clean Resume HTML Site Template

The SLAMR template has a clean and simple resume website design that allows potential employers to focus on the information in your resume. It comes with two premade color schemes and several layout possibilities such as a static background or a slideshow. The template has plenty of sections to showcase your education, skills, and previous work experience. The template is easy to customize and fully responsive. 

What Are the Key Features of Great HTML Resume Templates?

When trying to create an awesome personal site, focus on choosing an HTML template with the features you need to translate a traditional resume onto the internet. 

The best resume websites have many important ingredients in common. Here are a few key site template features to keep an eye out for:

  • Well Designed Resume Sections. The right sections form the backbone of a good html resume. So, use a site template that’s got sections for skills, education, and to showcase your experience. Make sure you can enter the information where needed without having to code it yourself. 
  • Working Contact Form. Ensure the resume contact form is working and doesn’t require installing extra scripts before employers can get in touch with you.
  • Downloadable Resume Version. The ability to download a printable version of your resume is important. Hiring managers may need to have a traditional resume, so make it convenient for them to download.
  • Professional Design and Resources. Responsive design and documentation so you can easily customize the personal profile template to suit your needs.

These are exactly the types of features you’ll find in these web resume templates in this article. They’ve got the right components you need to make a great personal resume website quickly.

Best HTML Resume Template Trending in 2018
HTML Resume Template – One of the top resume website design examples that’s trending in 2019.

5 Quick Tips to Make the Most of Your HTML Resume/CV Template

Using an HTML profile template might seem intimidating, especially if this is your first time working with the code. Here are five tips that’ll help you make the most out of your personal website template:

1. Familiarize Yourself with HTML and CSS

If you want to customize your curriculum web template, you’ll need to get familiar with the basics of working with HTML and CSS. Thankfully, the web is full of resources that’ll help you understand the basics. And as a bonus, you’ll have another skill to add to your resume!

Learn the basic of HTML and CSS
Learn the basic of HTML and CSS. (photo source)

2. Make Use of the Documentation

Before doing anything with your personal profile template, read through the documentation. It’ll lead you through the installation and setup process and the customization options. 

Using an HTML resume code template that comes with professional resources—such as the personal Moraco site template set—is a great way to quickly discover the features it includes and how to change it to your needs. 

3. Show Your Personality

Employers want to see the person behind the resume. Don’t be afraid to include your profile image or a headshot, which shows them there is a real person on the other end. 

Feel free to include your hobbies or your interests. This lets employers understand whether you would fit into their company culture. A simple HTML resume template like Tile does an excellent job of letting your personality come through:

Tile HTML resume website template with personality
Tile – Simple HTML resume website template with personality.

4. Use Fonts That Are Easy to Read

While you might gush about cursive and calligraphy fonts, refrain from using them on your personal website. Limit your fonts to no more than two. Also, make sure your content can be easily read no matter the screen size. Consider a template like ProResume, which includes gorgeous typography right off the bat.

5. Choose a Responsive Site Template

Even though you used your laptop to send out your resume and create your personal website, don’t assume that employers will only use their desktop computers or their laptops to review your website. Most people consume content and even work from mobile devices. So, give your site a leg up and choose a responsive site template

Creative Personal CV Resume Template
Creative Personal CV Resume Template

Find More Resume Website Templates

Do you want more choices? We’ve got even more HTML profile templates and personal profile sites. Here are several articles that feature extra options:

Get Started With Making Your Personal Site

There are plenty of ways to create your personal resume website. Browse our huge selection of HTML resume templates from Envato Elements or personal website designs form Envato Market. Grab the one that’s right for your work experience and portfolio. Customize it quickly and land that dream job.

If you’re looking for a more robust option though, consider using WordPress and a WordPress resume themes. Either way, you’re certain to create a stunning personal site that fits your brands and goals best. Start making one now, so you can better represent yourself online!

Editorial Note: Our staff updates this post regularlyadding new, exciting HTML resume templates and personal portfolio sites with the latest trending designs.

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