Amazing Gaming Concept Arts By Sergey Kolesov

Today we are featuring digital concept artist Sergey Kolesov aka Peleng, with his amazing digital gaming concept artwork. He was from Lyon, France. He is a CG artist with remarkable and eye-catching concepts of art. You’re welcome to look through his works. Enjoy! You can catch Gabz on You may be interested in the following modern related articles as well. Please join… Continue reading Amazing Gaming Concept Arts By Sergey Kolesov

Cinemagraphs in web design

If you read any of the countless web design trend reports that came out earlier this year, you likely read about the promise of large, hero-sized cinemagraphs placed prominently on homepages everywhere. So where are they? While a few fashion-forward companies are using them on their websites, the cinemagraph has been largely relegated to showcase… Continue reading Cinemagraphs in web design