Why You Should Choose JQuery for Your Next Project?

JQuery is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks that are commonly used in interactive, dynamic and responsive web development. A JQuery programmer uses this platform to call numerous JavaScript library functions to implement into the web development very easily and effectively.

A large number of giant IT Corporations like Google, IBM, Netflix, Microsoft and others use JavaScript as their fundamental tool for their web-based services and applications. The reasons behind this huge acceptance of JQuery library are its extendable and encompassing features that make the JQuery library as one of the most powerful web development knowledge base. The features of JQuery library include utilities, HTML and CSS manipulation, powerful effects and animations are a few to name.

Importance and Popularity of JQuery

According to the information based on a survey conducted by the Stack Overflow community, JavaScript is the leading web development technology in terms of full stack development with over 85.3% popularity across the community. According to the study, the popularity of JavaScript in front-end development is even higher about 90.5%, and in the backend development, it stands on the top with 54.5% popularity ratio.

One of the major factors of this gigantic demand and popularity is a JQuery web developer library.
A substantial number of JQuery tutorials and online training institutes have emerged to cater the market demand of JQuery developers, as the demand of JavaScript experts’ increases globally. The new features of JQuery such as JQuery slider, JQuery selector, Carousel, banners and interactive widgets are becoming more and more popular in the web development field. You can use powerful JQuery UI features to integrate new GUI widgets and themes and visual effects.

Other main factors of the popularity of JQuery library include cross-platform compatibility, open source code, powerful JQuery Ajax development capabilities, document object model (DOM) element selection, and integration of this library into Microsoft visual studio and scalability of new methods, events and elements.

A few main points related to the importance of JQuery JavaScript platform include:

– Supported by powerful web technologies like PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript
– Numerous features such as JQuery slider, JQuery selector, JQuery, Ajax, GUI widgets and other
– Powered by innovative, dynamic and responsive JQuery UI sets of interactive elements
– Support multiple browsers and Java tutorial feature to minimize HTML scripting
– Offers DOM, CSS, animation, and interactive elements
– Open source platform powered by a huge intellectual community

Advantages of Using JQuery

The technological world we are living in is highly influenced by the latest technologies in all domains of life. The web development field is progressing extensively fast, and many new computer languages, development platforms, web tools, apps, plugins and ready-made functions and capabilities are being introduced in the marketplace on a regular basis. JQuery is one of the best JavaScript library platforms, which offer numerous advantages to the professionals and the industry as given below.

– Open source platform costs nothing
– A wide range of plugins and library functions
– Option to develop customized elements and solutions
– Powerful community to support
– Highly compatible framework for multiple browsers
– Easily extensible capabilities based on specific needs
– Easy to learn for CSS, HTML and JavaScript developers
– It is a very lightweight framework – version 1.5 just 83KB – in comparison with other JS platforms
– Uses unobtrusive JavaScript to separate HTML and JavaScript codes
– Makes web development so easy and fast
– Provides professional looks of the websites

A Few Great Examples of JQuery Usage

The JQuery framework possesses a huge library for different functions and features to create on your website. Among such examples, a few are given below:

Image Slider
A beautiful JQuery based image slider library, which can easily be called in and integrated into your website to give an exciting look. You can create either automatic sliding of the images on your website or by clicking on the image radio button to choose the desired image. The sliding or switching of the image is so smooth, seamless and exciting to watch.

Media Carousel
JQuery offers easy to embed media from YouTube or HTML5 content into your website at the position of your choice. You get a great quality, smoothness, security and stability of the desired carousel.

JQuery Social Stream Example
This plugin allows you to integrate a smooth, well positioned, clean and clear social media stream into your website. You can make your website a consolidated platform to monitor your media stream on your own website.

There are many other big companies that use the power of JQuery framework and its libraries in the interactive-design of their website. You can find numerous other examples of JQuery library functions implemented on different websites of Google, IBM, Netflix and other big IT and media companies.

What Projects Should Use JQuery and Why?

JQuery is one of the largest and most popular JavaScript frameworks, so it is very obvious that it works very well for the web development that uses JavaScript extensively in the coding of a responsive and interactive website.

The JQuery code CSS selector variables to connect to the document object model (DOM), which can be a class, ID or any other element. You can also benefit from using the IDEs in NetBeans projects to work with the CSS and HTML front-end project coding. You can also use JQuery efficiently on the HTML5 projects to provide a great touch of animation, themes, styles and widgets along with other features.

JavaScript is a client-side language powered by the JQuery libraries, which run either in the supported browsers, if the website code uses HTML to handle the JQuery functions, or on the web server before it is sent to the web browser, if the PHP is used to handle the JavaScript functions based on JQuery.
So, the JQuery framework is extensively used for the projects that are required to be stylish, interactive, responsive and intensively rich in animation and other features. As far as the combination of other technologies is concerned, it is mostly used in combination with the PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript languages for creating the great web development projects in the marketplace.

Hiring Professional JQuery Web Developers

It is an accepted fact that web development is an engineering cum art job to create professional-grade websites and services. A good web coder or programmer should not be an expert in web development technologies only, but also be a creative thinker and an aesthetic artist to create a wonderful website.

This is the main reason that all project managers and owners extensively rely on talented, qualified and creative JQuery web developers to give a great look and style for their web projects. Mobilunity is one of the best providers of multitalented, creative and highly skilled Ukrainian JQuery developers in the industry at very affordable rates through outstaffing mechanism. The company operates from Ukraine, where the market rate to hire professional grade JQuery web developers is comparatively low.

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