Why Synthetic Transaction Monitoring For Web Application Matters

In today’s digital world, reputation is both an asset and a liability. Given that 84% of people trust online reviews as much as an in-person recommendation, according to Forbes, a single negative review concerning your web application can lead to a serious loss of customers. Aspects such as the security, speed, and efficiency of your website will all play a pivotal role in ensuring customer gratification.

While real user
monitoring is a necessity, it might not always be enough in the quest
to keep customers happy. Combining it with synthetic transaction
monitoring might be worth your while when looking to offer
convenience. In a nutshell, synthetic transaction monitoring helps to
simulate the path that users can take when using your application
through a predefined script. It can simulate transactions such as
logging in, accessing the cart and payment.

Here is why you
should consider integrating it with your other web application
performance management strategies:

Improve Success When Venturing Into New Markets

There are a lot
of obstacles that your web application will face when venturing into
new markets. For instance, slow networks in a new market will mean
that including videos on your site will not be effective. It will
lead to slow load times and high customer dissatisfaction levels.

Before choosing
to launch your services in such new sites, you can always count on
synthetic transaction monitoring to offer you insights on how your
site will perform in the real world. Additionally, combining it with
tasks like sql
server monitoring
, both during and after the launch,
will offer you enough visibility throughout the lifecycle of your

Measure Third-Party Application Performance

websites are conglomerates of small applications, all meant to
improve the user experience. However, this use of third-party apps
introduces some complexity in how your web application can be
monitored. Some of them include SEO add-ons, social networking, and
web analytics.

On the other
hand, having any of these third-party apps fall short of the expected
performance can introduce some dire consequences on the profitability
of your business. Committing to synthetic transaction server
monitoring will ensure that you can identify the issues with these
apps in good time before
the customers do
. In case one of the service providers
isn’t fulfilling their end of the service level agreement, you can
use the data collected during the monitoring sessions to file

Compare Your Performance To The Competition

Any insight that you might have on beating the competition is like gold in the business world. Synthetic transaction monitoring can help you identify how certain changes can affect your competitiveness in your field. For instance, if you are introducing a plugin to your site, it can help assess the effectiveness of the plugin in terms of speed.

You can then
compare this to the current or previous speed of your competitors.
Such an approach can be quite helpful in determining your future
business strategies. The fact that most tests are simulated also
makes it less costly than making web application changes that will
fall short of expectations.

Promoting Baselining

baselines will easily identify if anything is amiss with your
application. By analyzing the data developed through real user
monitoring, you can compare the expected performance to the real
performance metrics and identify problems. Additionally, it also
helps to tell if a tweak that you made to your site was worthwhile.

transaction monitoring helps to form the baselines of performance
quite early before the launch of your web applications. This can help
to both maintain the performance in tip-top shape and improve it when


Synthetic monitoring is a sure way to safeguard your business against negative reviews arising from poor application performance. However, it might not be effective in identifying real-time and unexpected application glitches, which is why integrating it with other performance management solutions is wise. Consider combining it with real-user monitoring solutions to improve the visibility you have on your web application’s performance.

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