Why a 0.28$ Pre-built Website Is the Best Buy You’ll Make This Month

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Have you ever stopped to look back at what your job was like 10 years ago? It’s common knowledge that web designers’ responsibilities have changed over the years.

In the past, you either needed some serious coding skills to be a website designer, or you had to rely on coding help from others. You needed creative skills as well. That need hasn’t changed. Your creativity is now focused on design and visualization, with a touch of marketing expertise thrown in. You also need to have a basic understanding of how WordPress works.

All this hasn’t made your work any easier. It may in fact be harder. To be competitive, you have to keep up with the the latest design trends and constantly work at improving your design skills.

You have the tools you need, but it’s how you use them that adds value to a project.


Read this article to discover how buying a 0.28$ website, like this one, will be the smartest purchase you’ll make this month.

When you buy a WordPress theme, are you really paying attention to the value for money?

A WordPress theme can be one of the most useful products you can buy to build a website. WordPress themes relieve you of most of the technical aspects of building a website. And you can concentrate on creativity, making smart design choices, and working with your clients. 

Most WP themes do this for you, but some contain features you don’t need. Or features you need, but require hours of learning. For efficiency’s sake, you would greatly prefer a WP theme that offers most of what you need, and little or nothing more.

That’s what value for money is all about. Purchasing a product that offers the most in efficiency and effectiveness. In other words, a smart buy.

If you are looking for the ideal theme, this is what it should offer:

  • Pre-built websites – and plenty of them. The more pre-built websites a theme has, the easier your design work becomes. A theme with a large number of demos has the most to offer for the economic use of your time. And, you don’t have to take the time to puzzle out how to use a demo. Select one that fits your needs, and away you go!
  • These pre-built websites/demos can also do wonders for your relationship with your clients. Instead of mockups, which are sometimes more of a mystery than a help, you can present your client with an almost finished website. And save everyone time in the process.


No coding skills are necessary. Unless you are a designer/developer, keeping up with coding technology can be a problem – and a headache. You want a theme that gives you creative freedom; not headaches.

  • Good customization options – Plenty of customization options means superior flexibility. Column and layout support, plus specialized features like a layouts configurator and shortcode generator. All are essential for creating a beautiful, attention-getting website.

Pre-built websites and customizable pre-built websites are most likely all you need.

Examples showing how you can benjoy beautifully-designed, pre-built websites

There is one WordPress theme that offers more than 200 pre-built websites. That theme is Be Theme, the biggest WordPress theme of them all. Its 40,000+ users, web designers like yourself, have made Be Theme a ThemeForest top seller.

It offers all the above customization features.

Click on any of the below pre-built website examples, and you can see Be’s design features and special effects.

Be Music


-This pre-built website is dedicated to a music studio. It connects to a younger audience with its colors, images, modern card design, and more.

– A modern parallax effect, along with a dynamic use of graphics elements, is put to play to create a thoroughly engaging website.

Be Barber


– Here’s a vintage look with a minimalist vibe. And coupled with a luxurious range of colors.

– Simplicity can be an important website characteristic, especially when it is employed throughout. The design uses ample white space to add emphasis to the content.

– A subtle parallax effect adds depth, and graphics elements are employed  throughout.

Be Car


– The minimalist structure, plenty of white space, and a smart choice of colors, conveys a look of luxury.

– The subtle hover effects effectively engage the user.

– Icons and graphics elements provide needed information. They fit nicely into the overall scheme, without being intrusive.

Be GoodFood


– Cards are used in the design of this diet-related pre-built website. The design presents a fresh look, as befits a food industry niche website.

– This example also illustrates how a subtle choice of colors adds fluidity to the background.



– This pre-built website, dedicated to a VPN business, illustrates how a corporate look can also be a friendly look.

– Note the use of strong, lively colors; which still communicate a feeling of relaxation.

– This is an example of the use of flat design. And a clever choice of graphical elements with a well-defined structure.

0.28$ for a pre-built website with everything you need to create something really cool.

Not a bad price, and definitely a good value.

Your purchase of Be Theme gives you more than 210 of these pre-built websites. That’s a large number, but the important thing is the fact that so many different topics are covered. For example: creative, automobiles, sports, nutrition, small business, medical, and portfolio. And then, there’s blog, architecture, entertainment, movies, perfume – and the list goes on.

The entire batch, with the theme itself of course, is yours for only $59.  Which breaks down to about 0.28$ per pre-built website, and the price per item goes down even more with each new release.

There you have it; your opportunity to take advantage of the smartest buy you’ll make this month.


Did we mention medical? – a professional pre-designed website with a friendly, trustworthy look.

Each of these pre-built websites takes but one click to install. No, you need no coding skills and Be’s visual builder will get your off to a rapid start. Plus the web design principles that are included in the designs guarantee you’ll definitely get value for money.


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