What Multipurpose WordPress Theme Should You Pick?

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Most web designers work with a variety of website types, and they prefer multipurpose themes for that reason. This is especially true when they need to deliver websites to multiple clients with different needs.

Each of the multipurpose WP themes presented here features pre-designed website or layout selections from which you can select and customize whatever needed to build a website of any type or topic.

Each multipurpose themes is noted for its user friendliness, flexibility, and core feature performance and reliability. None require using code to design high-quality websites, blogs, or portfolios. These multipurpose themes are also productivity boosters, as they give you the capability to build a website page in mere minutes.

You really cannot make a wrong choice; but to help you make an ideal one, we suggest you ask yourself these questions as you go down the list:

  • How large are my typical websites?
  • Do I require ecommerce functionality?
  • Is responsive design necessary?
  • How often will I need to make changes?

The Core – Responsive Multi-purpose WordPress Theme

The Core is a massive theme. It actually consists of a package of 16 themes, with more on the way. This ThemeFuse product is built on the web studio’s open source Unyson WordPress framework. It’s loaded with cool features, including a large selection of hand-built demos that are easy to customize to meet your design requirements.

The Advanced Visual Builder is delightfully easy to use, plus the huge selection of shortcodes, color choices, fonts, and other design elements and options gives you the flexibility you need to meet the requirements that even those most demanding of clients may place on you.

Priced at $59, The Core is a bargain, and based on what it offers it is a sound investment as well. Its live demos are easy to access, and you’re invited to test one or more of them free in the ThemeFuse test lab. Their WordPress open source framework is by the way, free for anyone to use.


BeTheme – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

With its 200+ ready to use pre-made, fully customizable websites (with more to come), it’s difficult to image any website style or topic that Be Theme couldn’t handle with ease. Be Theme is the biggest multipurpose WordPress theme ever, thanks in part to its selection of pre-made websites, its power-packed core features (40 at last count), and its large, world-wide using community.

Whether you’re designing a business website, a creative website, a blog, or a portfolio, there’s a pre-made layout that’s either a perfect fit, or can easily be customized to make it a perfect fit.

The Muffin Builder 3, Muffin Options Panel, and ShortCode Generator combination is a joy to work with. This combination offers the utmost in design flexibility, without having to resort to any coding whatsoever. Be Theme is definitely worth a closer look. 


The 7 – the Most Customizable Theme on the Market

The7 claims to be the most customizable theme on the market. Visit their website and view the demo, and you’ll agree that their claim is legitimate. The secret lies in the 630+ theme options that give you all of the design flexibility you will ever need, regardless of the size or complexity of your project.

The7 Design Wizard is an absolute marvel! This tool not only enables you to create a unique page design in minutes, but a professional-grade unique page design in minutes. Almost everything about The7 is intuitive, but the authors have taken things a step further, by automating certain aspects of its page-building functionality.

All you have to do is select the settings you want and let this multipurpose WP theme take it from there. Visual Composer, a large design library, and an abundance of easy to use demo content, completes the package.


Uncode – Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

If you intend to settle for nothing less than a pixel-perfect, super-flexible, high-performance multipurpose WordPress theme, Uncode is your answer. Uncode’s selection of layouts – the authors call them concepts –  run the gamut from portfolio agency to creative artist, to classic business, and everything in between.

Uncode’s features include an enhanced version of Visual Composer, which, in combination with the hierarchical options system, lets you build whatever may come to mind. You’ll discover some other highlights and pleasant surprises as well if you choose to take a closer look.



Enfold is an exceptionally flexible, easy to use, website-building theme that is attracting lots of attention. It also happens to be ThemeForest’s best-rated top seller. All of Enfold’s demo files can be imported with a single click, and you can combine their features in any manner you wish to.

The Default Demo is in itself a multipurpose theme that is now a design community classic. Enfold’s library includes several portfolio demos, demos for one page websites, businesses, shops, special events, blogs, and more. Find out more by giving their default demo a free trial run.



The Divi multipurpose WordPress theme, that Elegant Themes refers to as their smartest and most flexible theme, contains a box-full of excellent features. First, there’s the Divi Builder, a tool based on user feedback and experience that gives you the ability to design truly dynamic websites with ease, and without coding.

Then, you’ll find 18 pre-made layouts that will jump start your web-building efforts. Divi’s 46 ultra-customizable content modules act as your website building-blocks. They enable you to construct a full page in just minutes. Nothing is impossible with this multipurpose theme.



Shopkeeper will be a great choice if your projects primarily involve ecommerce websites. This multipurpose theme has the design elements and functionality needed to build online stores that feature outstanding user experiences. Shopkeeper is also a highly flexible theme.

Since its theme options are totally customizable, Shopkeeper is an excellent choice for business, creative, and corporate website building, and for publishing portfolios and blogs as well. You will find their user support to be prompt, friendly, and reliable.



Merchandiser bills itself as a minimalist theme. This simply means it has the features you need to get the job done, and it doesn’t come with a host of features you have little or no use for.

As an ecommerce-oriented theme, Merchandiser takes into account today’s shop owners’ real needs. The authors have accomplished this through feedback based on a series of surveys conducted on their other themes; surveys that focused on speed, complexity, and simplicity.

The result – a multipurpose theme build on the philosophy of prioritizing decisions over features.


KALLYAS – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Kallyas is not just a garden-variety multipurpose WordPress theme that will make a nice addition to your design toolbox. Kallyas is a design toolbox, and it’s used as such by more than 17,000 web designers.

As complete as it is, it’s not one bit complicated to use. It’s simply a matter of drag and drop, edit, and save. If you should run into a problem, which is not likely, just click on the support team’s Live Chat feature, or look for a solution in one of the 150+ video tutorials.


X Theme

X Theme has been a top seller from the start. With the introduction of Cornerstone, X’s innovative 100% front-end page builder, sales really took off, and X is presently ThemeForests fastest selling theme ever.

What Cornerstone will do for you is how you exactly how your design looks before you publish it. It’s no matter of having to edit and save before you can review the results. You’ll save time when using X Theme, and you’ll find it an absolute pleasure to work with.


Final words

We hope you’ve found just the right choice from these top-rated multipurpose WP themes; recognizing how difficult it can be to make a decision when you are confronted with one excellent product after another.

Even the ecommerce-oriented themes listed here fully qualify as the best of the multipurpose themes because of their super-flexibility and customizability. You can build any type of website with one as easily as you can with a multipurpose theme featuring a wealth of customizable layouts.

Whatever your choice, you can expect nothing less than pixel-perfect results.


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