Useful Microsoft Edge Developer Extensions

Having a little bit of help from browsers is a good thing. It helps developers spend time on the little things so they could focus on more urgent matters. Microsoft Edge may be slightly new to the game, but it is sure to bring the best to the table, especially for web designers and developers.

Here are some of the best Microsoft Edge developer tool extensions available in the market:

Hitsteps Visitor Manager

The financial success of a blog is usually measured by the interactions done with it by users and readers. Hitsteps Visitor Manager is a Microsoft Edge developer tool extension that allows blog owners to find out user engagement information on their website. This may include pertinent details like how long they stayed on a page, the browser and device they used, and even how many times they visited the blog. One of the major features of this developer tool extension is that it allows the developer to have live chat with users. Also, it notifies developers of any requests for live chats.

Image by Jakub Maksimowicz from Pixabay

Color Picker

It is inevitable to find external inspirations when creating designs for a website, logo, or whatever. However, selecting a color scheme from these external inspirations may be difficult. The color picker extension allows developers to pick a portion of an image or website and determine the corresponding hex color code.

One of the major factors that affect the success of a website is its speed. When websites are too slow to load content, it affects its overall attractiveness. The Loading Express extension allows web developers to routinely check the speed of your website. Also, they even offer free consultation on how to improve speed and user experience further for their subscribers.


Managing multiple websites can be tricky in a variety of ways, even in the simplest task of remembering log-in details. Not only does this extension remember and manage all your existing passwords, but it could also even generate strong and unique passwords for you and your users. This is a good, basic tool for any developer. – News for Busy Developers

Daily Dev may not exactly be a tool for web development, but it is one important developer tool extension web developers must-have. It gives notifications on the latest news and trends in the web development world. It may be about trending content topics, new CMS updates, latest plug-ins, and whatnot. It is a good way to save time researching and spend more time designing and developing.


This is a good tool for testing user interface, especially for new updates and additions to a website. For instance, a developer wishes to add a poll, a new shopping catalog, or a questionnaire for their users. However, they want to double-check how it will look with the existing website. Gone Bug allows the developer to test run their new addition by running it with just one click.

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