Treat Yourself to the Best Tools and Platforms for Your 2017 Projects

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There are so many website builders on the market, that separating the good ones from the not quite so good ones can be a challenge. Finding the best of the bunch is an even bigger challenge. Affordability and ease of use are important. Even more important is finding a tool or platform that promotes customizability, flexibility, and guarantees you can build a site that will deliver an excellent user experience.

– You need a tool or platform that emphasizes simple and flexible content management. Doing so will allow your projects to proceed faster and more smoothly.

– You want to be able to build websites that are user friendly, and can outcompete the competition. For both to happen, they need to be responsive, and address the needs of mobile device users.

– Look for a platform that is rich in widgets. The more there are, the more functionality you can build into your sites.

– Don’t forget to insist on the ability to easily integrate your sites with social media. That’s where much of the action is today.



Take a platform that already makes building and managing a website a snap, and redesign it from the ground up, and you really have something. That’s the case with SnapPages. With its latest release, 3.0, it’s easier than ever to create and manage modern, responsive websites.

Professionally-created, customizable design templates help you get your projects off to a quick start. Once you’re up and running, the SnapPages team will attend to your web hosting and server needs.

The focus is on what users want and need most, as opposed to loading this platform down with a multiplicity of features; resulting in by most accounts, the best website-building editor on the market. The drag and drop editor is optimized for touchscreen use, so you can make quick changes while on the go with your laptop or tablet.

SnapPages works lightning fast, plus you can safely store your files in the cloud. If you’re a blogger, there’s a spam-filtering app that will save you time monitoring comments, and social plugins allow you to integrate your websites with social media.



With Webflow, you can develop responsive websites the easy way – visually — without sacrificing any of the power of code. That’s because Webflow produces production-ready code for you, while you design. So you don’t have to write a single line of code.

This is by no means your run-of-the-mill website builder. You can start your design from a blank canvas, kick off the process with a template, or create a custom database of structured content with Webflow’s built-in CMS, so you can design around your real content.

All this means that, if you’re a freelancer, there’s no need to subcontract work out. And if you’re a member of a design team, you can create fully-functional, high-fidelity prototypes to hand over to the production developers. Either way, Webflow gives you more control over the design process.

Over 500,000 designers use and love Webflow. Try it for free, and you’ll see why they do.



Pixpa is the ideal for building portfolio websites or stores for creatives pros to showcase, sell, share, proof, and deliver their work. Customizable, mobile-friendly themes, a drag-and-drop website builder, and a wealth of features make this the ideal solution for businesses operated by photographers, interior and fashion designers, artists, and architects.

This is also a great choice for small businesses, just the right mix of tools and resources are available to build and manage an online shop, including catalog management, discounting, shipping lists, and order processing features.

Building a portfolio or an e-commerce store is super easy. Websites built with Pixpa are responsive and work on all mobile devices. You can even share your work with clients online, take their feedback, and deliver your files digitally. Your clients can download your work on any device. You can also create both public and private portfolio collections, and manage access rights to each collection.



How can Artificial Intelligence help you build a better website?  Bookmark knows the answer.

Bookmark uses AI to keep tabs on the needs and wants if it’s customers.  Millions of combinations of user-related data are analyzed, and the “smart” results are then applied to your website’s style and image.

In minutes, you will have your perfect and unique website.

Themify Builder


With Themify Builder, it’s basically drag and drop, with no coding needed to build an engaging website. The Builder is included in all Themify themes, or can be used as plugin for WordPress or any WordPress theme.

Its backend interface enables you to easily and quickly drag and drop modules, while the frontend editor mode lets you see the result in real time. A Duplicate feature enables you to clone existing modules to speed up prototyping.

Simbla Website Builder


The Simbla Website Builder is based on the Bootstrap framework, so there’s no need to install anything to get access to your site. Simbla will adopt to any resolution and platform you are working with, laptop, tablet, Smart-TV, etc.

Everything you build is backed up and stored on Simbla’s servers. Simbla is a fully responsive, drag and drop website builder that requires no coding knowledge. Customizable templates address all types of business.



If you like “quick and easy”, you’ll love Simvoly. This website builder’s beautifully designed themes address most of the concepts or ideas you’re apt to be working with, the drag and drop functionality is easy to work with, and everything you build is mobile friendly and responsive.

It’s an ideal solution for selling online, building a portfolio, or publishing blogs. Simvoly’s builder makes it super easy to create your layouts and resize and structure your content.



You don’t need to do any coding to build websites using uCoz, but if you are someone who enjoys tinkering with code to fine-tune your design, this website builder allows you to do just that. uCoz’ coding option gives you full control over your work.

If you want a free website builder with a ton of tools and features, you probably won’t find a better one than this in terms of what you receive for your money.



uKit is a modern website builder that was created with businesses in mind. This is a nice selection for novices who can do just fine by focusing on the visual aspects of building a website, without having to worry about the technical nitty-gritty.

uKit offers a solid collection of designer-made themes, a drag and drop builder, and the ability to enable anyone to create SEO- and mobile-friendly websites. With uKit, it’s entirely possible for a business to establish an online presence in minutes.



With its super-easy, intuitive interface, SITE123 is aptly named. Starting with ready-made styles and layouts, all you need to do is enter your content, and your site is up and running. SITE123 has all the tools required to spare you of needing any coding or prior design experience.

This website building solution actually teaches you what you need to do to produce a totally responsive SEO-friendly website.

Wrapping it up

There are many things these tools and platforms have in common. They are easy to use, they let you get a website up and running quickly, installation is easy or not required at all, and you can use them or try them out for free.

Even those that allow designers to work with code, do not require it for the non-coders. Give some thought to adding one or more of them to your website building toolkit.


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