10 Useful jQuery Image Slider Plugins

While working on various designing an development projects, there sometime arises the need of various plugins, tools and extensions that claim to solve the purpose with ease. What these extensions do is they ensure to help you get the desired results without having to undergo the entire process by yourself.

In short, the plugins, tools, apps and extensions are created with the aim to help you in saving time and eliminating the need of extra effort. It’s like someone lending you a helping hand.

Talking about topic of the day, which revolves around jQuery image slider plugins. You all know with so many talented brains already investing their time and hard work, there is no dearth of such plugins. Even we make sure to publish the list of best jQuery plugins on the monthly and daily basis.

jQuery image slider plugins for the websites on which images play a vital role. jQuery we all know has become the new standard of displaying the visuals in an eye-catching manner. Designers and developers are making optimum use of such plugins loaded with cool functionally smart features.


SliderWall is a image slider that is based on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. This plugin can be used to create any type of slider, be it content or image based. You will get different types of customization option and can be done through single CSS file.


Jssor Slider

A very light jQuery image slider plugin that can build slider with anything includes image, content, text, html and more. It is very light just 2.5 KB in size, can be incorporated in mobile phones as it is responsive and works with touch and swipe enabled devices.


Minimus Slider

Another minimal jQuery plugin that is responsive, comes with essential parameter that can be set easily and contains image, content, text, html, iframes, etc.



One of the most brilliant jQuery image slider plugin that we can consider to download. Available for both Mac and Windows, it requires no coding or image editing skills. It is fast, light-weight, easy to use plugin that comes with professionally designed templates and tons of visual effects.



Another simple jQuery image plugin that is responsive and touch-friendly. Based on CSS3 transitions with fallback to older browsers, it works flawlessly on smartphones, tablets and desktops.



One more responsive jQuery image slider based on CSS3 transitions that supports audio too. This plugin is developed by Varun Naik in which you can specify time duration to each slide, supports multiple slides on each page, no external dependencies and works with any content, not only image.


SlideMe 2

SlideMe 2 is a responsive CSS3 based jQuery plugin that supports animations and various customization options. It is light-weight, fullscreen plugin that can be used with mobiles and tablets.



SlidesJS is a responsive slideshow jQuery plugin based on CSS3 transitions and touch-enabled. It is light weight, easy to use and has lot of customizations.



FractionSlider is a parallax jQuery slider plugin that lets you animate multiple elements per slide. This jQuery plugin has different animations styles and you can choose specifically for each element.



Another image slider plugin that is built using jQuery library and supports fullscreen background slideshow.


For now, I end the list of these best jQuery image Plugins. How about leaving your comment to let me know what you think of these or give your reviews if you have used any of these plugins.

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