LinkedIn is Experimenting with AI-Powered Microsoft Designer as a Tool for Designing Posts

Since launching in 2002, LinkedIn has slowly become the place to be for anyone looking to develop their career and build their network. The employment-focused social media enterprise allows users to post about their accomplishments, talk about new industry developments, and sell themselves to potential employers. 

Unfortunately, LinkedIn’s popularity means it can be tough to make an impact. Millions of users post on the website daily, leaving it saturated with content. To get noticed, users need to do more to stand out. Fortunately, AI has a solution. 

Microsoft Designer is Microsoft’s answer to Canva. It’s an AI-based graphic designer web app that allows users to create posts, graphics, and more with text-based prompts. It can generate wholly unique ideas and can even offer custom recommendations based on your own concepts. 

Numerous posters on X (previously Twitter) reveal that LinkedIn is beta-testing the implementation of Microsoft Designer into its platform. The integration will allow users to create unique, personalized posts and assets from within LinkedIn.

Microsoft Designer utilizes generative AI, enabling users to create personalized designs by entering text prompts. For example, instead of using a standard text post to announce that you’re open to work, you could quickly create a colorful graphic to catch the attention of potential employers.

We’ve all been inundated with LinkedIn text posts in recent months. Microsoft Designer may just be the integration LinkedIn needs to become more diverse and engaging. Of course, in twelve months, we may all be complaining about the abundance of cheaply made graphic designs on the website. Ah, well. That’s a problem for another day.

Linkedin’s Microsoft Designer integration is currently in closed beta. If all goes well, we could expect to see the official launch of the tool in late 2023.

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