How to Tell If You’re Destined to Be a Graphic Designer

Some people are incredibly talented and are destined for design. They have a killer eye for aesthetics and branding. Should you learn how to become a graphic designer? Here are some signs you were meant for a career in design.

You Love Combining Typefaces

Typography typeface

You see typefaces in a different way. With so many typefaces available, it can be easy to find the right typeface pairings to create a design. Designers immediately know what works and what doesn’t. You’re probably someone who cringes at the sight of Comic Sans, Papyrus, and Times New Roman.

If you find yourself excited by new typefaces, you probably want to become a graphic designer. You love to pair typefaces to come up with a clean and cohesive design. Spending most of your time choosing a font rather than writing is a sign that you want to be a graphic designer.

You Study Design on Packaging

Packaging Study Design

Do you love to purchase something new because of the packaging itself? Have you found yourself looking at packaged food and drink in a different? Do your friends think you’re weird for spending more time admiring the packaging than eating your food?

If so, then you may have a serious appreciation for design. If you work in retail, you may find yourself wasting time looking at the packaging on the products than putting them away. This is another sign that you should consider getting your graphic arts degree.

You Use Pinterest For Inspiration

Pinterest pinit

Designers love using social media sites to create visual boards to express their mood or create a new aesthetic. You should consider getting a graphic design degree if you love to look at pretty photos on Pinterest.

This may lead you to care about aesthetics in your everyday life. Do you find yourself arranging your couch cushions or the food on your dinner plate? That’s because your design principles are always at work.

You Study New Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

You don’t care what app you download to your phone. You’re only downloading the app because you want to check out the design. If your phone is full of apps that you don’t use but you’ll never delete then you should consider a graphic design degree.

You probably have a general understanding of UX (User Experience) design. You keep up with these apps to see how the interface design turns out over time.

You See Design In Everything


You see branding and design differently from your friends. You even love to impress your friends with your own incredible designs. You may even notice the secret arrow in the FedEx logo or the bear on the Toblerone logo.

But you also know there’s more to design than just secret messages and good looks. You always look for a design that’s innovative. You also become excited when you see a surprise element in a branding logo. That’s when you should decide to study for a graphic arts degree. If you agree with this list, then you should learn how to become a graphic designer.

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