Cloudinary Enhances Media Delivery with Multi-CDN Offering

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Cloudinary is well known for solving the challenges you face when managing images and videos. With its newest enhancement, the company is also eliminating the complexities of media delivery by enabling the use of multiple content delivery networks (CDNs) to ensure end users quickly and reliably receive content.

Today, images account for more than 60 percent of downloaded content. Cloudinary enables you to optimize this content, ensuring great performance for your site. But image optimization is only one part of the equation. You also need to ensure efficient delivery of media, which is measured by availability, latency and throughput. CDNs move content closer to end users, helping to improve delivery. However a single CDN may not offer all of the best features for each user’s needs. Each CDN may have strengths in a specific geographic area, or there can be performance differences based on location of the end user, time of day or type of content.


Typically only businesses that operate websites with truly global reach and scale adopt a multi-CDN strategy because managing several CDNs is a complex, time-consuming job. CDNs have to be integrated, maintained and administered. Plus it’s costly having to enter into a separate contract for each CDN.

Now with Cloudinary’s multi-CDN capabilities these concerns are a thing of the past. Instead of just offering delivery over a single, top-tier CDN, Cloudinary now creates a large, globally distributed network that is optimized for availability and geographic reach. Cloudinary currently provides real-time access to three best-in-breed global CDNs – Akamai, CloudFront and Fastly, with plans to add other CDNs in the future.

By enabling intelligent delivery of images and videos across multiple CDNs, Cloudinary can choose the best-performing CDN, based on the features and delivery speed you require, and support various media management activities, such as:

On-the-fly image manipulation via CDN URLs

Adaptive format adaptation for any browser

Automatic image optimization with Save Data support

SEO friendly URLs with dynamic suffix

Automatic width and DPR using Client Hints

Transparent and automatic invalidations

Custom domain (CNAME), SSL support, HTTP/2 support

Video streaming with on-the-fly transcoding

With real-time monitoring and performance data, Cloudinary dynamically switches between CDN providers to ensure that content is served from the most suitable source, without requiring you to deal with operational overhead or other actions. This functionality also enhances delivery performance, availability and scalability worldwide that improves your end user experience and engagement.

The multi-CDN solution is available now for customers of select plans.  For more information or to see if you qualify for multi-CDN delivery click here.


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