Celebrate Cinco De Mayo with These 21 Cool and Fun Backgrounds

The need for Cinco de Mayo backgrounds is here again. One of the most popular Mexican holidays, it is celebrated by all Mexican communities in the world. Cinco de Mayo is celebrated even by non-Mexican communities in the US. In fact, in recent decades, it has become more of an American holiday. Americans of Mexican descent use this time to raise awareness about cultivating and preserving their heritage and culture. Since it is that important, many web designers make sure to incorporate it into their web design when the holiday comes around.

For many American’s Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Margaritas. Kidding aside, many Americans don’t actually know the significance of celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Many just know that it is a fun, colorful, and exciting holiday that must be celebrated.

Contrary to many’s belief, Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico’s Independence Day. It is simply a celebration of Mexico’s victory against the French forces in 1862. Although it is not Mexico’s Independence Day, the Mexican army’s unlikely victory against the French forces gave the country great hope and renewed confidence.

To commemorate all the fun and exciting things about Cinco de Mayo, here are some impressive backgrounds:

A magnificent Poblano

Image by Darrell Perry from Pixabay

All that is fun and colorful for Cinco de Mayo

Image Source: Freepik

No party is complete without banderitas

Photo by Arie Wubben on Unsplash

A simple floral-themed Cinco de Mayo background

Image Source: Freepik

Mariachi performances everywhere

Image by Ernesto Eslava from Pixabay

Lady selling colorful, handmade dolls

Photo by Bernardo Ramonfaur on Unsplash

Dancing in colorful dresses

Photo by Sydney Rae on Unsplash

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Image Source: Freepik

Feliz Cinco de Mayo

Image Source: Freepik

Singing Mariachi

Image Source: Pexels

All that spice is everything nice

Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

A beautifully flowing Folklorico

Photo by Bisayan Lady @ Flickr

Children in traditional dresses

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

A traditional parade

Photo by QueenKV @ Flickr

Cute children in traditional costumes

Photo by Obie Fernandez @ Flickr

No celebration without a Pinata

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Cinco de Mayo background

Image Source: Freepik

Beautiful headdresses

Image source: PXhere

Bright yellow traditional costume

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Reminiscent of the colorful Cinco de Mayo flowers

Image Source: Freepik

Simple Cinco de Mayo decal background

Image Source: Freepik

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