Black Friday Design Elements for E-commerce Websites

Now that online purchases are both encouraged and preferred for Black Friday, e-commerce websites are given a new challenge of accommodating significantly more buyers. than before. There are numerous competitors on the internet, how do you make sure that the buyers notice you? The answer to this is simple – black Friday design elements for e-commerce websites. The overall look of a website boosts a website’s credibility. If so, the buyers’ confidence in purchasing increases as well.

Black Friday Inspired Horizontal Banners

Sleek and Super sale

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Black friday suprise

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Simple and Cute

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Vertical Banners for Black Friday ads

Minimalist and Simple

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Sparkles and Luxury

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Pure Black and White

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Landing Pages to boost Sales

Add some Vintage Gold

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That Sparkling Gold

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Birthday Vibe

Image Source: Vecteezy by Xiayamoon

More than just the look

There are multiple design considerations for designing a workable e-commerce website. Sales are not boosted JUST by how a website looks. Sometimes, there are also internal and dev considerations as well. Remember, there may be an influx of online buyers this year compared to previous years. This may be a very important point to consider to make sure that your website will survive the Black Friday sale. Two very important issues need to be planned and resolved before Black Friday arrives:

The first, and pretty much the most important, is the SPEED OF YOUR WEBSITE. Is your website fast enough to accommodate more visitors in one go? How could we solve this dilemma and spread the visitor count over a time instead of just between a few hours? Make sure that your website is not prone to error. Also, ensure that the support team is on standby for any issues that may arise.

The second would be LOGISTICS. If there is a sudden influx of buyers, would your stock be able to accommodate? What if the supplies get sold out too soon? Will the company be able to accommodate speedy delivery? Inform buyers ahead of time that stocks for certain items are limited and may get sold out fast. Also, find avenues for deliveries in case deliveries get problematic.

If these two issues are immediately resolved and planned, Black Friday sale transactions will be speedy and smooth.

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