7 Excellent Web Designing Tips and Trick that Boost Your SEO

No matter who you are or what you do, as long as you have a website, you want people to see it. The more people that see the website, the better you feel. It could be an information you want to share or pass across, or it could be a product you want to sell. Regardless of what it is, the primary reason a website is on the internet is to be viewed.

If this is the case, it would be wise to make sure that the website is designed in such a way to attract as many visitors as possible; especially in the world we live in now. There are so many voices’ screaming in the internet space, so to say, that getting your own website to be seen means you have to think outside of the box. Getting more visitors to your website also means having a good or high SEO ranking.
SEO which means Search Engine Optimization is a process of improving a website’s visibility so that the ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing is also improved. Align Digital Marketing Philadelphia, and other digital marketing companies drive markets and viewers to websites by making sure the websites are SEO friendly.

Below are 7 tips and tricks that will boost your SEO ranking:

Watch your Design Layout

As the saying goes, First impression matters’, the same applies to a website. If your first-time visitor finds your website inaccessible or very difficult to browse, the chances are that the visitor won’t stay long on your website and wouldn’t come back again. Apart from a design layout that is trendy and current, the website must be accessible by most if not all browsers. The website shouldn’t be slow to load as that can easily turn away potential visitors. This means using a lot of videos and flash elements may not be helpful in the long run.

Social Media is in

Social media is used by over two billion people and search engines are aware of that fact and rank websites with social media high. Having at least one of the social media platforms on your website will help improve the website’s SEO ranking as people use the social media platforms on a daily basis.

Be Mobile friendly

With the explosion of smartphones and the advancement of mobile technologies, everyone can browse websites from their phones. Online purchases and transactions are now being made from mobile devices. Making sure your website is mobile friendly will mean more people will be able to view your website. This makes your products accessible to a wider audience and visitors.

Unique and Creative Meta Tags

Meta tags gives a search engine a summarized version of your website. Having a meta tag that is unique, descriptive and creative will make search engines place the website higher than a website with poor meta tags. Make sure every page has its own meta tag, this could include keywords and titles.

Content Remains King

The content of a website matters to search engines. Not necessarily what the content is about since you can basically say anything on the internet, but how much your content changes. This is the reason search engines prefer sites that are blogs or have blogs or other social media platforms. Blogs and social media platforms have content that is constantly changing and fresh.

Broken Links and Duplicate Contents

A website must be checked regularly for broken links and duplicate content. Nothing frustrates or turns away visitors than a link that goes nowhere or reading the same content on different pages of the website. Broken links and duplicate content can reduce search engine ranking.

URL Structure

The URL of the website should be readable and devoid of too many links to different directories. Having a good URL will affect the indexing speed in a positive way as the web page will quickly load. Avoid having too many numbers and special codes as part of the URL as this will make it difficult for search engines to understand the web page.

Search engines look at the activities of web visitors to judge a website. If the visitors always leave the website the moment they enter it, search engines rank that site low because it has a high bounce rate. A website needs to be monitored and maintained to keep a good search ranking. Observing good SEO tips helps keep the website relevant.

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