7 Effective Tips To Help Make Your Logo Stand Out


When it comes to a company’s logo, it is the ultimate symbol that represents a company. Hence, it needs to be just right and perfect. According to studies, more than 65% of the world’s population consists of visual learners, meaning they are more likely to remember the company’s logo rather than the name. A great logo and its design can completely chance the fate of a company, whether it is a small startup or a well-known enterprise. Listed below are seven different tips on how to make your logo stand out among the rest.

1. Think about Your Business

Think about Business

Before designing your company’s logo, you have to think about the type of business you own and the customers you want to target your business towards. An effective logo should attract potential clients, which will help maintain your professional image and the reputation of your business. The job of the logo design is to not only bring in new people, but it is also a way for others to recognize your company. Think about what your company offers when designing the logo. Which people will more likely use your product/service? Is there any specific imagery that will speak to them?

2. Be Unique

Be Unique Logo Concept Design

It is very easy to fall into the temptation and design a logo that is similar to another company’s. However, what worked for them won’t necessarily work for you. Creating a similar design like someone else’s will only cause more confusion. Not to mention, copying the logo of another company will result in you having major copyright infringement issues. That is why it is best to be original and create a logo that is unique and your very own style. Choose designs and images that represent your company and helps you to stand out from the crowd.

3. Can Easily Be Displayed Across All Formats

Logo Design Formats

A logo is used on a wide range of items. For example, when it comes to marketing purposes, a company’s logo is displayed on top of posters, pens, business cards, the company’s website, and so on. That is why logos should be adaptable to all formats.

So, whether your logo appears on a billboard or as a thumbnail, it should look good. This means that no matter what size your logo is used in, it should be clear and visible from all angles. You need to make sure that your logo’s graphics can be adapted to every type of format. This will keep your company looking professional and ahead of the competition.

4. Use A Font That’s Readable

Fonts for Logo 2021

There are a plethora of fonts for you to choose from, however, that does not mean that those fancy fonts will work out in a logo. Mixing two different fonts won’t necessarily work either and it will just confuse your customers. Too many different fonts will just make your logo look cluttered, hence you should keep those styles to a minimum. Moreover, it will help to pick just on family of fonts. For example, if you pick Serif as your logo’s font, then all of your different fonts should be Serif as well. It will make it easier to read and look professional as well.

5. Picking The Right Color Scheme

Logo Color Scheme

When designing your logo, choosing the right color scheme matters a lot, because this is how others will remember your business. The colors you pick will play an important role in the success of your company. You need to be careful when picking the colors, because the majority of the colors tend to create an emotional response. For instance, blue is associated with calm, while red is associated with danger. You want your logo to send the right message.

6. Take Advantage Of Negative Space

Negative Space in Logo Design

You can do a lot with the negative space of your logo. With some creative thinking, you can utilize that space and come up with a logo that is unique and artistic. Negative space consists of empty sections in a logo and you can create images and shapes in from sections that represent your business. You can transform an average logo into something that is completely unique and filled with design inspiration. This will make your company stand out among the rest.

7. A Logo That Is Effective Yet Simple

Keep It Simple

It can be very tempting to go overboard and create a logo using all of the design elements that are available. However, this will be very confusing and you will just end up creating a logo that is a disastrous mess. Logos that are over designed tends to look cheap and can give an unprofessional look to your business, and that is the last thing you need. You don’t want your logo to drive potential customers away from your business and right to your competitors. You do not need a complicated logo in order for it to be effective. Not even close. When you look at the massive business corporations out there, almost all of them have logos that are simple e.g. Apple.

Target Demographic (BONUS)

Target Audience

This is a key factor to making something that follows the trends. How to get real-time feedback from people on your logo designs to see what they like best. By this I mean that a trend might be different for a group of people to another. Thus, when you know your targeted demographic, you basically know who exactly will you be delivering to and how will he react to a certain type of logos.


A logo represents who you are and what your company stands for. Hence, designing the right logo is a highly crucial process, especially when you are starting up a new business. You want a logo that will be instantly recognizable and people will remember it always. Once you have figured that out, you have solved your logo conundrum.

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