10 Extremely Gorgeous Google Web Fonts

We all know how important a good typography is on any type of design; it acts as a non verbal connection between the viewer and the message which must be delivered. Even if we are able to create the most intricate and amazing designs which can boost the interaction to the sky, if you don’t choose the perfect set of fonts then the chance of ruing a good design is extremely high. We use the written language for spreading ideas for thousands of years, so the human brain is perfectly adapted to this way of communication, as long as the typography fits the message.

In web design, using a good font acts the same: it makes the user more interested in your website, it makes the whole experience a lot more comfortable and even more, it can even promote your website. When creating a website, using a font seems easier: you load it in a css file, specify a chain of fonts to use if the preferred one isn’t available and you are done. Well, that’s true but what happens when you don’t want to use a boring standard font? Even more, what about the compatibility across the sheer number of users?

Well, the best idea is to use a web font because this way you will fix a lot of problems such as loading speeds, customization or font variety. Google’s web font solution is one  of the most used approach because they are free and extremely easy to implement. If you want to read more, I strongly recommend you to head over this page.

Below you can see a collection of 10 extremely cool Google web fonts which I’m sure you will love.

7. google web font

1. google web font

2. google web font

3. google web font

4. google web font

5. google web font

6. google web font

8. google web font

9. google web font

10. google web font

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