20+ Brilliant Premium and Free Adobe Muse Templates

In this post, we have compiled a list of truly brilliant premium and free Adobe Muse templates.

If you haven’t already heard it, Adobe Muse is a component of Adobe Creative Cloud that during the first quarter of 2013 gained 479,000 new subscribersIt is becoming an incredibly popular way of building websites and for the right reasons. 

With Adobe Muse, you can create a website that is compatible with tablets, mobiles and desktops without knowledge of web development and coding. The user interface looks like Photoshop and InDesign with makes it very intuitive and attractive for designers. You can even experiment with Parallax Scrolling and try out the new in-browser editing feature. On top of that, you can get Adobe Muse templates that are designed for creating sites using Adobe Muse without having to do all the graphics from scratch.

For new users, it is useful to check out the Adobe Muse jam sessions with helpful tutorials and inspiration. Below are more than 20 well-crafted Adobe Muse templates that you can use as a starting point and inspiration. If you have any thoughts or experience on using Muse templates, please share them with us through the comments. You may also share this post with friends that might be interested in Adobe Muse templates.

Milo | Slick Muse Template– MORE INFO


This single page design is smoothly created by MuseThemes.com. It features 3 unique color motions and dual pinned navigation menus.

Sonic Theme– MORE INFO


This clean and minimalistic theme is very popular. It comes with easy to edit source files, rich content slider and professional design.

Dalton | Premium Adobe Muse Template– MORE INFO


This modern and clean Adobe Muse template is created by the folks at MuseThemes.com. It features unique custom widgets and complete mobile version. You can use this template to create your site or simply for learning Adobe Muse.

Delicious Cupcakes – MORE INFO


This template includes prestyled buttons, social media icons and gallery sliders. It also has a mobile version included in the package as well as paragraph styles, contact forms, custom web fonts and others.

Sound of Nature : Creative Adobe Muse Theme – MORE INFO


This Adobe Muse theme has a vintage style with customized artwork for anybody that like a creatively styled website.

Thai Bistro– MORE INFO


Thai Bistro includes a mobile version as well as full page background images. Other useful features that you might find useful include prestyled buttons, social media icons, gallery slider, paragraph styles and custom web fonts.

Sally Dumont– MORE INFO


This theme has everything you might require to set up and run your website quickly. It includes customized forms, content slider with Lightbox video and unique dedicated tablet and mobile layouts. Sally Dumont is only suitable for MuseCC and above though.

Bloc | Mosaic Muse Template– MORE INFO


This Adobe Muse template took its inspiration from Windows 8. Its features include 3 unique color schemes, multiple scrolling galleries and a unique mobile layout among others.

Omega Start– MORE INFO


This generic museGrid template is an excellent starting point for an online project. It includes a couple of homepage layouts as well as style magician elements that will allow you to customize the entire look of your website. Omega Start is only suited for Muse CC and above.

Timeline– MORE INFO


This theme is ideal for recording and capturing all the magical moments of your life. These may include parties, weddings or even your dream house.

NightLight– MORE INFO


NightLight has many useful features such as parallax scroll motion effects, mobile and tablet version, full width banner images, contact form, accordion widgets, social media icons, prestyled buttons, paragraph styles and custom web fonts.

Advocacy : Adobe Muse NonProfit Theme– MORE INFO


The Advocacy Adobe Muse theme is ideal for all small teams and nonprofits. It can be used to highlight projects, trips or partnerships while touring a country or continent. Documentation is included to make editing and installation easier.



WebSafe has a Mobile version included in the package. Its useful features include prestyled buttons, full page texture and image backgrounds, gallery sliders, social media icons, tabbed panel widgets, web fonts, contact form and multiple layout options.

Churchworks : Church or Religious Muse Theme– MORE INFO


Churchworks is an Adobe Muse theme that is ideal for any budding religious or church team that likes to boost their presence online. The theme is easy to update and can help convey your messages to the local and international community.

Alpha Start– MORE INFO


This Adobe Muse theme includes a couple of homepage layouts as well as Font Awesome icon fonts. Alpha Start will allow you to apply styles for buttons, forms and titles easily. It also has forms that are already customized. All you need to do is to add your email ad.

Slickallax– MORE INFO


This theme includes parallax scroll motion effects, contact form, prestyled buttons, full width banner images, table and mobile versions, images, social media icons and other useful features.

StudioVidArt Template– MORE INFO


This is a template that was created with professional photographers in mind. Its look and colors is so easy to customize, you can tailor it to your needs easily.

Cloudserve– MORE INFO


Cloudserve includes the new motion scroll parallax FX. The title, form and button styles are easy to apply. However, the template is only good for Muse CC and above.



Resume has mobile version included as well as full page background textures and images. Other features include Lightbox widgets, tabbed panel widgets, social media icons, prestyled buttons, gallery sliders, contact forms and custom web fonts by Adobe Typekit.

My Life : Adobe Muse Travel Theme– MORE INFO


This is a travel styled Adobe Muse theme that comes heavy with visuals. It includes custom artwork and more than 6 uniquely styled pages.

Sleek Free Adobe Muse Templates– MORE INFO


Sleek is a free template that has a fully responsive design. It has mobile templates that are unique to it, providing you with a one of a kind fully responsive feel.


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