10 Newest Free jQuery Plugins For This Week #17 (2015)

Here’s our best collection of 10 Newest Free jQuery Plugin with examples we found around the web from last week (31/07/2015 to 06/08/2015). These jQuery plugins haven’t been featured on our website yet I think you might find useful. Have fun with it and remember to spread the word!

jQuery Burger menu


jQuery and CSS based burger menu.

jQuery jmolTools


jQuery plugin for declarative 3D structure visualization based on Jsmol.

jQuery inputLimit


A jQuery plugin to limit the input of a text field to numbers, commas and decimal places.

jQuery PodPicker


A Podcast Timeline Generator (jQuery Plugin).

jQuery downBoy


A small jQuery plugin to push your footer to the bottom of your responsive dynamic height page.

jQuery User Input Calculator


Create a calculator that accepts user input using jQuery event listeners and JavaScript functions, if/else or switch statements, and jQuery val methods.

jQuery Full Width Headlines


A jQuery plugin for creating headlines that span the full width utilizing the CSS flexbox model.

jQuery obeyCursor


obeyCursor is a jQuery widget that can make able every DOM object (slaveObject) to follow the cursor.

jQuery quietflow.js


quietflow.js is a jQuery library for creating beautiful dynamic or static visual effects.

jQuery ChunkIt


A jQuery plugin and image processing utility. This is useful when you are playing with images. This enables you to extract portion of image, crop, de-sprite and many more.

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