35+ Incredible Photoshop Metal Brush Sets

For graphic designers having a large variety of brushes, such as Photoshop metal brushes, in the toolbox is a must!

Though Photoshop comes with a set of basic brushes, most users need to extend the range of brushes in order to use Photoshop professionally and do great stuff faster. In order to be able to accommodate the changing needs of each new design project you might discover that it is not only brushes you need but also experience in how to create the effect the client asks for will be useful. For tutorials on how to add actions to enhance your photos quickly I recommend you have a look at this article.

For this article, I have found a great collection of Photoshop metal brush sets you can use for creating bullet holes, rust stains, adding an industrial look to a design or even give a polished design a grungy appear.

Several of these brushes will be great additions not only to your basic Photoshop toolbox but also if you already have stocked up on brushes. Enjoy!

PS Brushes: Metal Parts – MORE INFO


It’s a huge pack (big download) with a lot of high resolution and large brushes.

Rust Brushes – MORE INFO


Rust Brushes Works with Photoshop 7 and above.

Photoshop Style 18 – MORE INFO


Metal CX’s Stormy – MORE INFO


Stormy Brushes  these are on a whole other level than any other brushes. This set contains 22 stormy brushes . For Photoshop 7 and above.

GrungeAbstract Pack – MORE INFO


Grunge Abstract Pack is a sort of grunge abstract mix they are really nice especially for Sigs and such.

Photoshop Metal Plate Brushes – MORE INFO


This set of 3 brushes is created from digital photos of a mirror I made a few years ago. The mirror is made from small tiny sections of metal nailed onto a wooden frame, then painted and rubbed down.The Photoshop brushes show detailed sections of the metal and focus on the nails holding the metal plates in place.

Metal CX’s Abstract 22 – MORE INFO


this is a set containing ten brushes used for Photoshop.

Metal CX S AbsFrost Brushes – MORE INFO


Bullet Holes Brushes – MORE INFO


Bullet Holes Consists of 26 brushes. Can be used in Photoshop version 7+, Photoshop Elements 2+, GIMP 2.2.6+. This is a set of brushes made up of various types of bullet holes. Includes bullet holes made in: metal, glass, and various other miscellaneous materials.

Metallic Grill Layer Style – MORE INFO


this is a unique set of metal brush that makes your designs look more metallic.

Metal Texture Brushes – MORE INFO


Metal Texture Brushes is a second  new set of 13 brushes. These brushes taken from various Metallic textures.

Texture+Brushes Metal – MORE INFO


This is a set of brushes that creates realistic metal surfaces.

Rivets 1 Brush Pack Photoshop or Gimp – MORE INFO


Rivets available for brushes for working on metal surface projects. This has a set of 20 different rivets from various metal surface texture images. There are a couple of different types; some with holes and some without.

Chrome Style – MORE INFO


Arc’s Rivets Metal Brushes – MORE INFO


This is a Techy-Mecha Theme, for all your metallic texture needs. Basically, with this brush pack anyone can quickly and easily turn regular metal surfaces into super awesome looking metal surfaces!

Chain Brushes – MORE INFO


This is a set of 8 brushes with  sizes: 327 for diagonal chain, 381 for vertical chain and 382 for horizontal chain. Made using PS CS2, should be compatible with older versions.

Metal Set – MORE INFO


This file has 9 metal texture brush set.

Brush Set 10 – MORE INFO


A set containing seven fractal brushes for Photoshop.

Luchare’s Metal Brushes – MORE INFO


Chrome Photoshop Styles 2 – MORE INFO


Metal CX’s Fractals III – MORE INFO


Some really awesome brushes here for Photoshop.

Urban Metal Brushes – MORE INFO


Bleeding Metal – Rust – MORE INFO


Bleeding Metal has ten brushes in this set for Photoshop. Some of the brushes are quite large.

Metal Mesh Brush – MORE INFO


This is a set containing high quality mesh brush with 1136px works in all sizes smaller and up to 3x the full size.

Metal Mesh Texture Brushes – MORE INFO


They can be used for some dragon/wormscales also, or any other structure. They are not necessarily only for metal mesh. 5 small and 5 big brushes with reptile structures.Those brushes can be used wherever you like, on commercial artwork and prints everywhere.

MDS Clockwork PS Brushes V2 – MORE INFO


This is a set containing three brushes for Photoshop.

Metal CX’s Heat Brushes – MORE INFO


Iron Layer Style – MORE INFO


Give your text or object an iron metal look with this free Photoshop style!

Sparkle Brushes – MORE INFO


Blood Steel Style – MORE INFO


The style looks as if it has blood flowing around the metal rim. Thus it is called Blood Steel

Barbed Wire Brush – MORE INFO


This is a set of two barbed wire brushes.

Chainmail Brush – MORE INFO


A set of chainmail brushes for Photoshop.

Scratched Metal Grunge Set – MORE INFO


This is a set of five high quality scratched metal grunge brushes for Photoshop.

Idyllic’s Metal Brushes – MORE INFO


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