Capture Your User’s Attention With These 15 Absolutely Gorgeous Retro Icon Sets

Every project’s success depends on how great it runs and how gorgeous it looks. It doesn’t matter if you have an application which is working flawlessly and covers all the user’s needs; if it doesn’t have a great interface then there is a high probability that it will fail.

Nowadays, user’s demands are getting increasingly more  sophisticated so in order to capture his attention you need to put the interface design and usability in front of many other requests. There are many types of designs so depending on your app, you have to either create or get a pixel perfect set of elements.

Among these elements, the most important one is the icon. This little piece of design acts as a business card so if it doesn’t look good and intuitive, your user might not understand its functionality.

In this article you can see a collection of 15 absolutely gorgeous retro icon sets which are very well made.

1. retro icons

2. retro icons

12. retro icons

3. retro icons

9. retro icons

4. retro icons

5. retro icons

6. retro icons

7. retro icons

8. retro icons

10. retro icons

11. retro icons

13. retro icons


15. retro icons

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