15 Free Admin Dashboard Templates (PSD & Sketch)

In recent years, much has changed in the way web users interact with dashboard data and complete simple backend tasks. Layouts are more spacious and mobile-friendly, colors are simpler, typography is highly-readable, interactive charts make data much easier to digest, and advancements in technology have made completing tasks much quicker.

The admin panels of 2016 are setting a high usability standard and raising the bar in creative interaction design.

If you’re looking for HTML and CSS dashboard templates, you might like to take a look at these Bootstrap-powered Dashboard templates. Or, if you’re looking for some admin panel design inspiration, try this post. But if you’re looking for dashboard templates in PSD or Sketch formats, then stick around, this is the collection for you!

All of the below dashboard templates are free to download and use (check the license, though, they do sometimes change), and are available in either Photoshop or Sketch formats. Hopefully, they will give you some fresh ideas for your own designs.

Buvud eCommerce Dashboard UI/UX Kit (PSD) Designed by Anton Kalik.
Buvud eCommerce Dashboard UI/UX Kit psd photoshop

Flat Course Admin Dashboard (Skectch) Designed by Hoang Nguyen.
free template Flat Course Admin Dashboard sketch

Admin Dashboard Free Template (PSD) Designed by Aaron Sananes.
Admin Dashboard Free Template psd

ThemePanda Responsive Dashboard Design (PSD) Designed by Raaz Das.
ThemePanda Responsive Dashboard Design psd photoshop

Smart Admin Dashboard UI (PSD) Designed by Mushfiq.
Smart Admin Dashboard UI psd

Dashboard Freebie (Sketch) Designed by Ante Matijaca.
Dashboard Freebie sketch template

Morph-UI Flat Dashboard UI Kit (PNG & PSD) Designed by Morphosis.
Morph-UI Flat Dashboard UI Kit free png psd

Analytics Dashboard UI Kit (PSD) Designed by Balkan Brothers.
Analytics Dashboard UI Kit free template

Admin Dashboard UI Freebie (PSD & Sketch) Designed by Sergiu Firez.
Admin Dashboard UI Freebie template

Clean Dashboard (Sketch) Designed by Padam Boora.
Clean Dashboard template freebie

Data Analytics Dasboard (Sketch) Designed by Tonda Kus.
Data Analytics Dasboard template skecth free

eCommerce Dashboard Admin (PSD) Designed by Bagus Fikri.
eCommerce Dashboard Admin free template psd photoshop

Dribbble Stats Dashboard (PSD) Designed by Dany Rizky.
Dribbble Stats Dashboard psd free photoshop

Merkury Dashboard Template (PSD) Designed by Symu.
Merkury Dashboard Template freebie web admin photoshop psd

FokiraDash Dashboard UI Template (PSD) Designed by Eftakher Alam.
FokiraDash Dashboard UI Template admin psd photoshop

Dashboard UI Elements (PSD) Designed by Craftwork.
Dashboard UI Elements psd admin

Free Dashboard (PSD) Designed by Malte Westedt.
Free Dashboard template admin psd photoshop

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