Shhh: don’t tell anyone, Figma’s latest feature, Design in uncertain times

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You say you won’t detach instances. You will detach instances.

Shhh: don’t tell the new designers
By Michael McWatters

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Take the survey: how are you documenting your work?
As design system documentation continues to rapidly mature, How We Document, brought to you by this week’s sponsor zeroheight, is an opportunity for us to stop, reflect and figure out the biggest challenges facing us in documenting and growing our design systems. The goal is to capture the current state of design system documentation and we’d love your help.

How a century of design heritage informed the evolution of the Olympic brand →


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Little gems this week

Why so many Garamonds?
By Micheal Xing

The colors of game design
By Felipe Dal Molin

Can consistency harm your product?
By Anna Arteeva

Make me think

  • Non-coercive marketing: A primer
    “Like all marketing, it aims at finding and creating new customers, specifically for solo and creator-style businesses. But beneath the surface, non-coercive marketing is a trojan horse, designed to regenerate trust, connection, and empowerment in a world where all three are increasingly scarce.”
  • Human needs are universal; product solutions are unique
    “When I see a successful feature in another product, I try to focus first on the underlying human needs that it’s solving. After all, that feature is exposing a need that people have, and showing me one way that they’re able to meet that need. How should I address those same human needs through the specific lens of my product?”
  • The meaning of the world
    “This is why Gibson urges us to dispense with the outdated stimulus-response model which suggests that we are foreign minds in a meaningless world. Instead, we may understand that the meaning of the world is not something the mind makes up. It is the consequence of the relation between an animal and its environment. We don’t make this meaning. We discover it, we pick it up.”

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