10 Confessions of a Product Designer

This article isn’t being written because I advocate or advise reckless design behavior, but let’s be honest, it happens, and we’re all guilty of it.

I usually write articles about design best practices, so I thought it would be fun to share the opposite, the less advertised but common bad practices.

Designers aren’t perfect, and as much as we like to preach about best practices and how perfect we are, we really ain’t.

We all have our design angel and design devil. Who will you listen to? The angel or the devil? 😈 😇

Confession inspired by this tweet: Arham H.

Yes, organized layers are great, but sometimes they’re more trouble than they’re worth.

Confession inspired by this tweet: Daryl Ginn

I guess Picasso was right “good artists copy, great artists steal.”

Confession inspired by this tweet: Dann Petty

It’s CTRL + Shift + Z, by the way, for all you overachievers out there.

Confession inspired by this tweet: Naveen Khan

I’m pretty sure HTML stands for happy to make lasagna.

Eye dropper + Dribbble is a match made in heav…Hell.

Confession inspired by this tweet: Chris Ford

99% of Dribbble posts are pigs with lipstick, and a the UX is a jumbled mess, but we still drool all over it.

Inter has joined the chat…

Confession inspired by this tweet: Daniel Burka

Tricks are for kids, and so are grids. Just kidding kids, use your grids and stay off the sugary cereals they’re bad for your teeth.

Just like rushing to clean your room while your mom drives up the driveway.

Confession inspired by this tweet: Charles Patterson

Sorry officer, I had a two-week deadline, and no one pays attention unless it’s pretty.

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