30 Web Design Portfolios That Impress Clients

The time of traditional print-based portfolios are gone. These days various technologies allows you to implement the craziest, most creative and outstanding of ideas on your design portfolio, online. From dabbling with bold color schemes and interactive effects, to utilizing unusual fonts or full-screen videos, many designers put a lot of thought and care into creating a portfolio that impresses.

In this post, we are introducing to you, via their portfolios, some of the most talented designers around the Web. The screenshots that introduce the work of these designers do no justice to what they are capable of.

Do click in to check out their animated and interactive personal homepages to see what it is that they have to offer. There are also plenty of ways you can contact them; all the info are available at their respective sites.

Irene Demetri

Dawid Stasiak

Pauline Osmont

Guillaume Juvenet

Melanie Daveid



Impossible Bureau

Bryan James

Bethany Heck

Robin Noguier

Sheena Flynn

Ben David Sandhu

Mike Kus

Active Theory


Big Drop

Leg Work



Pixel Bytes Media

Gareth Strange

Tim Smith

Stilt Media

Philippe Hong

Toasted Digital


Andrea Puccini

Cüneyt ŞEN


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