20 Must-Know Typography Tools, Frameworks & Libraries for Web Designers

Typography is indeed very essential aspects of every good web design. As a novice or professional web designer, knowing about the typography tools that are best, frameworks and libraries is certainly a bonus point.

All these resources can help you in dealing with website design typography in a much better way, offering you extensive control over fonts used on the web. Enjoy!

1. FlowType


As a plugin that is handy FlowType will dynamically adjust the font size in respect to the width for the wrapper under focus. Also, you need to use the plugin for using an ideal count of figures per line along side screen of variable width specification. FlowType can be easily downloaded from GitHub and plays a vital role in accomplishing the most legible typography which includes 45 and 75 characters on a per line basis.

2. Typeplate


As a complete framework for setting up typography in a web design, Typeplate is shipped with some stunning basic typographic styles that address critical elements within web design such as colors, scaling, dropcap, small capital, hyphenation, code block, blockquote, scaling and a lot of other interesting stuff.

3. Gridlover

Grid Lover

As a brilliant typography tool, Gridlover lets you establish a typographic system wherein there is certainly a completely adjustable CSS for the line heights, font sizes and all sorts of margins. As an easy-to-use device, Gridlover enables you to attain perfect typography for the website design.

4. Hatchshow


Hatchshow is a special web typography plugin which expands the dimensions of your font, thereby completing the whole width associated with font container. Utilizing a specific algorithms, Hatchshow will measure your container’s width, length of font characters and finally append the font that is appropriate.

5. LiningJS


As a great JavaScript collection, LiningJS lets you separately design each line within a paragraph that is specific. Stimulating the idea of “::nth-Line()”, “::nth last-line()” and “::last-line” pdeudo-classes, LiningJS will serve as your most trusted library for creating a brilliant web typography.

6. Underline.JS


A yet another remarkable JavaScript library, Underline.JS will help you to improvise the writing underline. You are able to compare the demo with the underline output of the present CSS text-decoration for spotting the key differences.

7. Modular Scale


Modular Scale is a handy typography tool that will generate an ideal font along with proper scaling for the body and heading of your text. Output received with the use of Modular Scale is available in Sass and should hence be used in combination with Sass collection.

8. Kerning.js


Kerning.js is a JavaScript collection that marks the meeting of kerning with CSS. It can be used by you to automatically style, kern, scale and transform your web typography using real CSS rules.

9. FFFFallback


FFFFallback is a brilliant web typography tool that allows you to find stack of font that would further degrade in a manner that is graceful. Available in the type of a bookmarklet, FFFFallback will analyze will allow you to evaluate the household font on a specific web page, accompanied by suggesting you the most likely font.

10. TypeSettings


As a pack that is remarkable of rules, TypeSettings is available in Sass and Stylus. You can use it for defining vertical rhythm, font scaling and reasonable ratio for your web typography.

11. Font Pair


As a collection of paired Google Fonts, Font Pair allows you to find combination that is outstanding of families and typefaces. This means, selecting the accurate font pairing becomes a piece of cake with Font Pair.

12. DropcapJS


Applying a dropcap that is perfect quite convenient with DropcapJS. Unlike the typical method of using CSS standards for creating a dropcap, DropcapJS makes the process of creating dropcaps truly comfortable.

13. Tiff


Tiff is a fabulous web typography device which aesthetically contrasts the main element points of distinction between two various web fonts. Presently, Tiff supports all fonts from Bing online Fonts collection and all of your system fonts.

14. Type Rendering


As a web that is stunning tool, Type Rendering will identify your browser engine and augments any chances of adding some customized classes on the basis of findings. Further, the specified styling rules are being applying for the type rendering process.

15. TypeWonder


TypeWonder is an online tool which will help you in testing the best web fonts for your website.



A|All you need to do is simply enter the URL for your website and you’ll be able to preview best suited fonts instantly.



A to get started with the tool” class=”synonym”>All you need to do is simply enter the URL for your website and you’ll be able to preview best suited fonts instantly.



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yet another brilliant JavaScript library, Font-To-Width will help you to make your online font fit to its accurate width container. You can utilize the library for determining the font size in addition to the appropriate word spacing required for the respective web font.

17. Typecast


Typecast is a perfect online tool for creating artistic and semantic designs. You can make use of it for checking your web fonts for readability, rendering and visual appearance. The thing that is best about making use of Typecast is you’ll conveniently share a functional model of one’s design.

18. Typewolf


Typewolf is basically a curated design display allowing you to definitely recognize the greatest font to be utilized in your on line design. Launched in June 2013, Typewolf is a must-have device for every single internet designing specialist.

19. Fontdeck


As a regular compliant web typography device, Fontdeck utilizes a pure CSS @font-face solution and does not need any JavaScript for procedure.

20. TypeScale


Lastly, TypeScale is an online tool which allows you to determine the size of your web font accurately. Plus, you can also receive a simple and intuitive GUI(Graphic User Interface) which can be used for adding font size base, font family members and scale to something that you’d prefer to utilize.


So, that has been a list of 20 best typography tools, frameworks and libraries that will include a whole new level of excitement in your endeavor of making a really laudable web typography for your website design.

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