Weekly Inspiration for Designers #85

Illustrator interface by Shan Zi

Travel Calendar App by Riko Sapto Dimo

Daft punk by Ted Kulakevich for unfold

Daily UI #021 Home Monitoring Dashboard by Irene Nam

FFM — Music by Messaki

Vehicle XOS — Logistics App Screens by Raaz Das

Fire Rooster Walk Cycle by Mantas Bačiuška

Hungry Dog by Mattia Leoni

The gear trio by Tony Babel

Twitter: A Few Bad Eggs by Chris Phillips

2017 (Internet Explorer) by Natalie Kirejczyk

Stickman Rush — Vehicles by Guillaume Kurkdjian

Scratch by Zhivko Terziivanov

Welcome to the jungle by Daniel Spacek

¡Viva Marketing! by Brett Ferrin

Leaf Morphology by Riccardo Vicentelli


Gatos furiosos by Estudio Guardabosques


It’s a hard knock life. by Rob Swainson


Love Carnival Posters by Lee Hodges


BuzzProv by Marc Urtasun

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