Weekly Inspiration for Designers #84

via Muzli design inspiration

Thank you! by Sebastian Stapelfeldt

Christmas tree by uixNinja

Train Officer Dashboard by Ghani Pradita for Paperpillar

Project Overview Screen by Unity

Landing Page by Atukz

Kid Vader’s Gonna Getcha by Chris Fernandez

Ronda vs Nunes by DeeKay

I want all the dogs by Chris Phillips

#newyearnewme by Samuel James Pillar

The Three Magi by Matthew Jedrzejewski

Merry Christmas. by Rahul Menon for Zeta

Happy New Year by nekomura_Y

Bird flight by Andrey Prokopenko

Sunset on a beach by Nina Geometrieva

Donald Lannister by Inkration

MTV AWARDS 2016 by Christripes


STRV Handbook by STRV Team and Filip Slováček


Trump VS Hillary puppets by Furry Puppet Studio Furry Puppet Studio


Грузинское вино “Сталинское слово” by grand buro


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