Qards: Build Beautiful Websites Faster

Building websites is not a full-time job anymore. At least, it could be this way. Thanks to the evolution of technology and the strong desire to obtain quality results as fast as possible, now almost anyone can create beautiful websites.

Why Qards could be the tool you need

No matter the profile of the clients you’re working for, all of them need a clean digital presence. That’s a fact. Having a website means much more than increasing your Google ranking. It’s also a sale and PR instrument, one which could bring real value on the table. To be a pro in this field means to be able to build a website where eye-candy design meets functionality, where UX is in the same picture with information architecture. Briefly: to create a puzzle from all the pieces required.

In order to do that you can take advantage of Qards, a robust visual editor from WordPress. You can use it to create a single page or an entire website, depending on your needs. No matter the final decision, the process will be the same: easy to follow and pretty fast to deliver.

Feel free to skim through some examples of websites created with Qards and then you can fully understand how things work by analyzing the whole process.

The quick and easy-to-follow process of making the best out of Qards

In this section, we will explain the main benefits of using Qards through highlighting some of the most valuable features of this design plugin.

First, let’s take a short tour behind the scenes. You can start with small steps, like creating a new page and name it as you wish. Though, make sure it’s easy to remember, especially if you plan to do many of those.

Now, get used with the + icon from the left-corner. It’s your gateway to get to the main menu and you’ll click it quite often. All those buttons, from Text to Subscribe and backwards are there to help you by providing a bunch of stunning pre-designed cards.

Basically, what you have to do next is to explore them and choose what fits you best. Maybe you want to present something through an appealing image. You can do that by uploading through Drag & Drop an image on the big cover section or anywhere else.

But what if you aim to add some text in different areas of your layout? That’s also possible due to the fact that you can easily duplicate blocks of content. All the items provided by Qards are fully editable so you can change almost anything in the blink of an eye.

Moreover, if you have some knowledge about coding you can play a bit with HTML & CSS by editing them as you feel like. If not, no worries, this visual editor is ready to be managed also by those without technical skills.

Furthermore, after you managed to build at least 2-3 sections for your website, you can dive deep into some fine-tuning. For example, you can modify the grid to better suit to your final objective. Or you can upload a YouTube video to sustain your key message by simply copy-paste-ing the URL in the right box. Or you can add an interactive background, or some call to action buttons, or anything that brings value and keeps your prospective users interested.

All in all, you can use Qards in a wide range of business contexts. For example, you can adapt the amount of pre-designed cards for promoting a great barista, a small fashion brand or a bike studio. It’s like playing with LEGO: you start from a single piece and in the final lap you already have an entire structure.

In order to quickly understand what Qards is about, go ahead and skim through the next set of hot features:

  • A bunch of pre-designed cards to make sure you find what you need in the same place
  • Drag & Drop builder to upload images at a glance
  • Editable components to adapt to your very specific needs
  • Typography checked with the help of Typekit integration
  • Customizable grid to easily get along with your own vision
  • Interactive backgrounds through YouTube videos
  • SEO ready for conquering Google
  • Friendly with main cache plugins, such as W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache and Quick Cache
  • Designed to make performance and to generate positive digital experiences

Qards = Style & Simplicity

Style and simplicity are two main assets of Qards.  The former stands out because this plugin offers you a huge palette of visual patterns in order to boost your creativity and imagination. The latter is proved by the fact that you can create a stand-alone website page with Qards without losing tens of hours of hard work.

Still skeptical?

Watch this video about Qards and let your imagination fly.

Three reasons why I enjoy using Qards or a few take-away pills

  • Clarity – Qards is very easy to use from top to toe, therefore you can save a lot of time which you can invest into feeding your creativity.
  • Efficiency – The stack of editable pre-designed cards saves you from all kind of situations by being on the same page with pretentious clients.
  • Versatility – You can work on several different projects at once, from restaurant to coffee shops, from mobile agencies to photographs.

All in all, Qards provides you a complete framework to explore. It’s up to you to shape it in order to build beautiful websites for your clients. Be bold and design your own creative path through crafting amazing visual stories.

Lead by example and start your journey with Qards.

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