How to Spice Up Your Bootstrap Carousel

Carousel has been a great user element to present content. Though a carousel is not compliant with accessibility, it’s still a very popular way to catch user attention and organise content in an attractive way. 

Twitter Bootstrap has a built-in basic Javascript carousel that does its job pretty well, but for those who want more than that, you’re in the right place. This time, we are going to list out 7 carousels that extends Twitter Bootstrap original carousel.

All these carousels are responsive and mobile friendly. Some of them are packed with stunning animations, and some even come as a downlodable standalone application which provides not only the carousel but a user interface to generate it without have to learn any HTML, CSS and Javascript code.

Here is the list. Enjoy!

Bootstrap Carousel Builder

Bootstrap Carousel Builder

Mobirise is a user friendly drag-and-drop Bootstrap Website Builder. It’s designed to build Twitter Bootstrap websites easily without have to learn HTML, CSS and Javascript codes. It has a built-in feature to create bootstrap carousel by dragging it from the sidebar and drop it into content area. Then, you will have options to customize the carousel such as add/remove new slide, hide text or buttons.

Mobirise is a standalone application, available for both Mac and Windows. You can design your website and carousel even though you don’t have Internet access. And most importantly, it’s a free application.

Bootstrap TouchCarousel

Bootstrap TouchCarousel

Bootstrap TouchCarousel’s main aim is to create a mobile friendly responsive carousel. It uses hammer.js to enable gesture on touch devices. It’s designed for Bootstrap 3 and the only bad about this is – the repo is no longer maintained, but it will still work alright.

Pure CSS Bootstrap Slider

Pure CSS Bootstrap Slider

As its name implied, this is 100% CSS3 slider. You don’t need jQuery or Javascript at all. The best thing is – it also comes as an application for both Mac and Windows. Therefore, no CSS, no HTML knowledge is required too, you will able to generate smooth, lightweight, responsive and retina ready CSS3 slider easily.

Bootstrap CSS Slider application allows you to customize the slider – you can choose different button designs, slider behaviors, animations and etc. You can create 30+ different sliders with the app alone.

Boostrap 3 Carousel – Collection

Boostrap 3 Carousel - Collection

SevenX has a great collection of different sliders and carousels that are built using Twitter Bootstrap. You can see all the familiar bootstrap components being converted in slider/carousel. It doesn’t have some sort of generator, you will need to get dirty and implement all the codes.

Boootstrap Carousel with CSS3 Animation

Boootstrap Carousel with CSS3 Animation

This is a tutorial to show you how to spice up your Bootstrap slider by using CSS3 animation library called Animate.css. This tutorial will guide you from the beginning until the end, you will get a nicely done CSS3 animation on each slide. Check out the demo in end of the tutorial.

Extend Twitter Bootstrap’s Carousel

Extend Twitter Bootstrap's Carousel

Here is another tutorial that demonstrates 3 different carousels created with Bootstrap. The first one is the standard carousel with crossfade animation transition. The second carousel will rotate through a group of items. And the last one is a full screen background slider. With all these 3 carousels, you can intergrate it easily into your Twitter Bootstrap powered website.

Bootstrap Carousel with 25 Transitions

This bootstrap skinned demo is packed with 25 stunning animation transitions and a dozen of features. It’s responsive, mobile-friendly, CSS3 fallback, video and background audio support and etc. With its desktop app, you can import slide media from flickr, Picasa, youtube, vimeo. You can also export your slider to Joomla and WordPress plugin. The application is designed to be user friendly, it’s easy to create your own slider by choosing different skins, effects and options without have to edit Javascript code.

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