5 Informative and Well-designed Infographics for Web Designers

The popularity of infographics with attractive graphic rises to top because of its easy visual presentation.
Today we picked 5 selected infographics which are so informative and beautifully designed.

1. The History of Web Design [Infographic]

Web design has changed dramatically since Tim Berners-Lee created the first HTML website in 1991.WestHost used “The History of Web Design” to blueprint the start of it all and even offer a future forecast of web design to spark interest and trigger more site traffic.
Since the beginning designers have tweaked the way websites look and feel; early sites were mostly text with very few images. Today, with advanced ecommerce tools, businesses don’t even need brick-and-mortar locations. Even a computer novice can design a website for selling their products online.

2. The Anatomy of an Effective Web Design

A web design is made up of various components, all working together to accomplish a goal – whether it is building a community or selling a product. These parts must complement each other in a way that creates a good experience for the user. Miss the mark on one element and potential subscribers or sales could be lost, but execute correctly on all parts and chances are you will have created an effective web design. Here’s an infographic that helps break it down for you.

3. Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page

When it comes to creating just the right landing page that converts and that helps you gain customers, there are certain key elements that you need to incorporate on your homepage. This infographic details everything from creating elegant and catchy headlines to optimizing the page for certain keywords.

4. Infographic: How Colors Affect Conversions

Color has a powerful psychological influence on the human brain. Learn how others have harnessed it and how you can do the same.

5. The Evolution of Web Design

Can you believe that the first published website is already 20 years old? Web design has come a long way since the first website was published by Tim Berners-Lee in 1991. This infographic is a peek at the evolutionary tale of web design, which is ironically still in its infant stages. Enjoy the infographic below and let your imagination wander. You might find yourself asking, “Where will web design be in the next 20 years?”

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