NodeJS Framework – An Easy Way To Develop High Performance Apps

We are well conscious of the fact that applications development has been successful in creating a buzz all over the world. Therefore, with this advancement, different frameworks are deployed in order to develop highly scalable and real time applications and that too, in a simpler way. The augmenting popularity of Javascript has led to the invention of NodeJS, which is the most emerging technology in the domain of real time applications development. NodeJS development permits the developers to work in the non blocking, event driven I/O paradigm.

Due to its benefits, it is envisaged as a popular way available to the JavaScript coders to build real time Web APIs. Not merely this, but also NodeJS development makes accessible innumerable open source code packages to JavaScript coders. With the help of new tools and innumerable advancements, and (one of them is NodeJS development) JavaScript is breaking all limitations and progressing further at a faster pace. Some of the benefits to be taken into consideration are:

JavaScript leads the list of advantages!

We, the developers are well cognizant with the advantages of JavaScript and that, it is a viable option available in order to develop applications in the browser. But, it is truly awesome to note that with NodeJS development services, JavaScript is also deployed to develop applications for server side.

Another added advantage of the JavaScript framework is the way it manages and handles loop mechanism in a simpler and uncomplicated manner.

Moreover, because of the JavaScript utility, there is an enhanced productivity as there is an attempt to coordinate the environment between the client and the server so that there is no problem encountered in running the code well on both the locations.

Reduced complexity and lesser chances of bugs occurring, is an add on to this long list of benefits.

Fast, faster, fastest!

Yes, you heard me right! NodeJS development makes use of V8 engine developed by Google to use in Chrome. And as one is well aware, V8 engine executes and compiles JavaScript at a tremendously high speed. Next, miraculous thing with this framework is its event loop, which enables it to perform an I/O operation easily.

This implies that the commonest of all tasks in web apps are executed just so rapidly, with NodeJS web development. Evidently, it will boost up the productivity.

A perfect caretaker of your business it is!

There is always a risk involved with any open source project that if its maintainers backstep, there would be probability of a considerable loss. But, the case with NodeJS development is entirely different. This is because, huge companies like Microsoft, Walmart, Yahoo, Voxer, are backing this project.

Therefore, it can be said in a coherent manner that the future of this project is in safe and secured hands.

Real time becomes easy!

The event loop of this framework takes in consideration, the necessities of multiple users.

After having discussed the advantages of this framework, the next thing to envisage about is to choose an appropriate NodeJS development company, to provide you with adequate services. It is an assurance that in order to develop real time and highly powerful applications, you must go for NodeJS as a viable option.

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