Alternatives for Procreate on Android

Looking for an alternative to Procreate on Android? While there is no Android version of Procreate, there are many apps like Procreate for Android. Check out this list of alternative apps for Procreate users and others who like to create on Android:

What Is Procreate?

Is Procreate for Android? Sadly, no. But what is Procreate anyway?

Procreate is a popular digital illustration tool that is native to iOS—specifically, you’ll need an iPad and an Apple Pencil. There is sadly no Procreate for Android tablets, at this time. It’s competitively priced at $9.99 and has become a popular choice for many creatives. Again, it’s exclusive to the Apple iPad—but don’t worry, if you’re looking for an Android app like Procreate, there are options for you too.

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Looking for a Procreate Alternative for Android? Check Out These Apps Today!

While there is no Procreate for Android, there are a lot of apps like Procreate for Android you can check out. In fact, if you’re looking for a Procreate alternative for Android for free, there are plenty of freebies to try too! Most of these alternative apps for Procreate have free trials, and some are completely free. Check out these apps like Procreate for Android today.

1. Sketchbook


Free Edition (No Time Limit)

Sketchbook, once offered by Autodesk (as Autodesk Sketchbook), is now offered by Sketchbook Inc. You can download the mobile edition of Sketchbook for both Android and iOS for free, and it has a wide variety of features worth checking out. The brush library alone has plenty to see, and you can use your Android-compatible stylus for pressure sensitivity too. Free is an amazing price, making it easy to give this app a try today.

2. ArtRage Vitae


Paid Download (US$4.99, One-Time Purchase)

ArtRage is a powerful app with a number of tools that simulate real art media. It’s compatible with a stylus on both Android and iPhone. You can use essential tools like layers, blending modes, and other tools to create your work. The reference feature is also quite handy, especially if you’re looking to create portraits or draw from life. Use layer effects, blend colors, and store your settings as presets.

3. Clip Studio Paint

clip studio paintclip studio paintclip studio paint

Free Version (1 Hour Daily Limit), Premium Version (US$0.99 Monthly Subscription)

Clip Studio Paint is a popular choice for illustrators, and it’s available for Android too! Try it free with a one-hour daily limit. Easily sketch on the go, use layer functionality, use the software on your phone or tablet, or use Companion Mode—where you can use your smart device as a remote shortcut for Clip Studio Paint on desktop. The monthly usage plans include all of the supported devices as well.

4. MediBang Paint

medibang paintmedibang paintmedibang paint

Free Version, In-App Purchases, Premium Version (2,480 JPY Yearly Subscription)

With layer grouping, cloud saving, free fonts, and more, MediBang Paint is an Android app worth checking out. It also has comic page creation and management tools, perfect for sequential artists. The panels are also collapsible, so you can maximize your drawing space. Premium services include cloud storage, which is handy for saving lots of illustration files. You can start using MediBang Paint for free.

5. Krita


Free Edition (No Time Limit or Limitations)

Krita is an amazing project, as it’s both free and open source. Download and use Krita on Android, Windows desktop PC, and other platforms. However, keep in mind that Krita is currently for Android tablets and is in beta. Still, this project is absolutely worth a look, with impressive brushes, stabilizers, and much more. It may lack some of the features that some other apps have, but if you’re looking for a free Procreate alternative for Android, this could be the perfect choice.

6. Concepts

concepts appconcepts appconcepts app

Free Version, Additional Features Available (Several Price Options)

Concepts has an impressive list of businesses that use its software, including some industry giants. The free version requires no account creation and offers a host of wonderful brushes, with up to five layers. Concepts is interesting in its premium approach—you can choose what you want to upgrade, a la carte, via one-time purchases, or choose the subscription option. It really gives the user many different choices. It’s a lovely tool that’s easy to jump in and start using for free—and if you want to upgrade, you can choose what’s best for you.

7. Sketchpad


Free Web-Based Version, Paid Version (US$4.99 One-Time Purchase)

Sketchpad is a fun choice because you can get started right now—for free—right in your browser! Give it a try on your Android device or your desktop. You can import imagery, and it has essentials like layers and text too. It’s a particularly convenient one for note-taking. While some of the features are rather limited in the browser, the app includes additional features. Enjoy fonts, clip art, and much more.

8. ibisPaint X

ibis paintibis paintibis paint

Free Version (In-App Purchases), Premium Version (US$9.99 One-Time Purchase)

ibisPaint is a versatile app with both a free and premium version. It has an impressive number of brushes, textures, and even screen tones included, making it a great choice for anything from illustration to comic art. In addition to being available for Android devices, it also has versions for Windows desktop PC and iOS devices. It also has pressure sensitivity for a number of styluses compatible with Android.

9. Tayasui Sketches

tayasui sketchestayasui sketchestayasui sketches

Free Basic Edition, Premium Version (US$5.99 One-Time Purchase)

With a customizable interface and a host of impressive, realistic tools, Tayasui Sketches is a lovely drawing tool for Android. The Pro edition of this app unlocks extra features like unlimited layers, more nibs for the tools, and the ability to save color palettes. It does have a fixed document size and lacks canvas rotation, but it’s quite intuitive and easy to use. Tayasui Sketches is also available for Mac and iOS.

10. Artflow


Free Version, Pro Features Unlocked With In-App Purchase

Artflow Studio is a lovely app made for Android devices. Edit and adjust your imagery using the intuitive interface. The layers are limited, but you do have a good number to work with. Artflow also has support for pressure-sensitive stylus pens and works with both Android tablets and phones. The free version has no time limit, so you can jump right in and give it a thorough try before committing to the advanced features.

Take Advantage of Unlimited Downloads on Envato Elements

While you’re searching for your favorite alternative to Procreate on Android, consider checking out Envato Elements as a supplement. It’s an amazing source for brushes, stock photos, fonts, add-ons, and much more. One low price gets you unlimited access to the entire library of assets. It’s an amazing deal.

envato elementsenvato elementsenvato elements

Which Procreate Alternative for Android Is Your Favorite?

There is no Android version of Procreate, but that doesn’t mean Android users don’t have a ton of options. Maybe someday we’ll see Procreate for Android tablets, but for now, which is your favorite Android app like Procreate?

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