50 Awesome Icon Tutorials

Icons are fantastic additions to websites, mobile apps, and so much more! So if you’ve ever wondered how to make icons, now you can explore dozens of amazing tutorials from this list.

Check out this huge selection of 50 icon tutorials from us and around the web.

Icon Tutorials From Envato Tuts+

Ready to kick-start the day with a fun icon lesson? These in-depth tutorials will certainly help you achieve well-designed icons in less time! Tackle these projects to help you get familiar with Adobe Illustrator and Affinity Designer.

Best Icon Tutorials From Around the Web

Want more tutorials? We’ve scoured the web to find you the latest helpful lessons on icon design. From minimal line icons to elaborate business symbols, these graphics are sure to add extra oomph to your work.

Enjoy this selection of video and written tutorials to get a better handle on icon design.

  • Create a Web Icon

    Create a Web Icon

    Make incredible web icons with the Shape Tool in Illustrator CC. In this tutorial from Adobe, you’ll learn how to do just that by making a simple camera icon for social media posts and profile images.

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  • Create a Mouthwatering Donut Icon with Illustrator

    Create a Mouthwatering Donut Icon With Illustrator

    Turn your favorite desserts into delicious-looking icons! This Adobe Illustrator tutorial from Tony Thomas will show you how to use basic shapes and filters to achieve this effect. Enjoy this quick icon lesson for a fun retro effect.

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  • Professional Icon Design - Speed Art

    Professional Icon Design – Speed Art

    You can discover many great tips by watching speed art videos on YouTube. This one from Perfect Pixel includes a minimal icon design that works well as a blog icon or business symbol.

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  • How to Draw Icons Using Grid

    How to Draw Icons Using Grid

    If you’ve ever wanted to improve your icon design skills, then check out this quick video. YouTuber mimisim shows you how to use the grid systems within Adobe Illustrator to come up with fantastic icons.

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  • How to Create a Cartoon Bomb Icon with Sketch App

    How to Create a Cartoon Bomb Icon With Sketch App

    Learn how to make cartoon icons with Sketch App. In this tutorial from Tony Thomas, he’ll take you on the journey of this cartoon bomb icon from start to finish.

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  • How to Make a Laboratory Flask Icon Design in Adobe Illustrator

    How to Make a Laboratory Flask Icon Design in Adobe Illustrator

    Love science? Design a colorful icon pack of laboratory flasks with Adobe Illustrator. YouTuber Rich Graphics shows you how to achieve three creative line icons in this awesome tutorial.

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  • Illustrator Tutorial App Icon Design Using Gradients

    Illustrator Tutorial: App Icon Design Using Gradients

    Gradients are a brilliant way to make any blog icon pop! In this video by Cosmin Serban, you’ll learn his process for creating a corporate icon for web and apps.

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  • Bird - Icon Design Tutorial

    Bird – Icon Design Tutorial

    Need some business card icons for your company? Check out this amazing video lesson from YouTuber Artsigma Design. Watch the process unfold as they show you how to make a pretty bird symbol with colorful, minimal shapes.

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  • How to Design a Password Icon in Adobe Illustrator

    How to Design a Password Icon in Adobe Illustrator

    Design a password icon for nearly any type of security project. This Adobe Illustrator tutorial comes from YouTuber Dansky, who gives you a step-by-step look at creating this simple information icon. Check it out!

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  • Graphic Design Make a Flat Burger Icon

    Graphic Design: Make a Flat Burger Icon

    Need a food icon for your restaurant or small business? Try out this awesome flat burger icon tutorial from instructor Yulia Sokolova and learn how to build the entire icon from scratch!

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Premium Icon Packs

Want more options? Get fast results with premium icon packs designed by our community of talented professionals. Check out some of the best-selling icon packs from Envato Market and Envato Elements.

126 Flat Designed Icons

Create a development icon set that is perfect for any business. This massive icon pack includes over 120 corporate icons available in several industry formats. Showcase your creative projects alongside icons best suited for social media profiles, apps, and websites.

126 Flat Designed Icons

Social Media Icons – Flat Series

Social media icons can add that extra touch of character to your site. And for just under $10, you can get this fantastic set of minimal icons which work well for presentations and more. Pair it with colorful text for a lovely result!

Social Media Icons - Flat Series

150 Food Icons

Easily scale these food icons to any size! This next huge pack of food icons includes incredibly detailed savory and dessert foods to satisfy every craving! Each icon is 100% vector, so this pack is well suited for most projects. Try it out!

150 Food Icons

85 Business Icons

Small businesses will definitely benefit from having a few icon packs on hand. This glorious business set includes 85 business symbols, report icons, and information icons. Download this massive icon pack to get the full selection of multiple sizes and formats.

85 Business Icons

Sea Icons and Patterns Set

Love the sea? Enjoy this charming sea and icons pattern pack and add a creative twist to your work. Switch up your mail icons with a colorful sailboat, or add sweet details like a lighthouse. Use these icons to update your information on business cards, stationery, and more.

Sea Icons and Patterns Set

Graphic Design Line Icons

From creative check icons to popular artistic tools, these graphic design line icons are pretty neat! This set includes 72 ready-to-use PNG line icons that are available in two sizes. Try these out on fun educational projects to help teach others!

Graphic Design Line Icons

Festive – Christmas Outline Icon Set

Enjoy the holiday cheer with this festive Christmas set. Great for personal or business projects, these delightful icons will bring some festive fun to your office stationery. Use it for even more occasions like holiday invites, ads, or posters.

Festive - Christmas Outline Icon Set

8 Diamond Icons

Get ready to make your apps sparkle with these eight diamond icons. Featuring a cool minimalist theme with trendy flat colors, this pack is smart and clean. Use them to decorate your flat graphics or create a patterned background with one of these gems!

8 Diamond Icons

Personal & Business Finance Icons

Person icons, animal symbols, and purchase icons make up this next premium pack. Featuring a total of 60 icons, this set includes clean, professional designs that are sure to complement any poster or print. Try them out with different color combinations today!

Personal  Business Finance Icons


Care for a big set of small icons? This fun pack features brilliant, high-resolution icons with wonderful, vibrant details. With 400 icons in total, this set includes amazing images for illustration, animation, or web projects. The possibilities are endless with this set!



We hope these tutorials help in your quest to understand icon design. Bookmark your favorites and try to be patient when trying them out. And get featured in our monthly community challenges! Just remember to submit your tutorial results within the comment sections.

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