25 Web Development Tutorials for Useful Code Snippets

Over the past few years we have published a large set of tutorial focused on web development techniques. Both frontend and backend code samples are always helpful when you are building new projects. And that is reason enough to go back and check out past tutorials for golden nuggets of codes.

Check out the gallery below comprised of 25 past dev tutorials. The topics include HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and PHP. There are webapps for all types of developers and hopefully some cool techniques worth looking into a bit deeper. Browse over the individual headlines and be sure to let us know your thoughts in the post discussion area.

TinyURL Links Generator

generate jquery php howto tutorial


DeviantArt Instant Search

jquery api json php instant search webapp

Animated Comments with jQuery

fading colors animation comments tutorial howto

CSS3 Image Captions

hover image caption dribbble effect

Tooltip Navigation

tooltips tutorial navigation bar tutorial

Schema Photo Gallery

hidef photo gallery inspiration tutorial

Mobile-Friendly HTML5 Video

mobile responsive howto tutorial html5 videos

User Settings Dropdown Menu

user settings dropdown menu tutorial

Website PSD to HTML

corporate website mockup coded into html

Semantic 2/3-Column Layouts

dabblet columns css howto layout design

E-mail Invite Request Form

invit request emails featured tutorial

jQuery Sliding Sub-Navigation

vertical sidebar navigation links sliding

PHP/Ajax Instant Login Form

php codes instant login form tutorial

Portfolio jQuery Update Panel

dynamic jquery ajax image update gallery

Custom Dialog Box

modal window howto tutorial jquery css3

iOS-Style Content Slider

custom ios slider website layout images

WordPress Template Tags

wpadmin code functions php backend themes

Xcode iPhone App Toolbar

custom design iphone app toolbar gradient

Animating Threaded Comments

jquery animating threaded comments website

Rolodex Countdown Ticker

clock rolodex countdown jquery tutorial

WordPress “About the Author” Box

building functions code php author box

Guide to the WP Plugin System

Customizing WP Login Form

wordpress login form custom css php howto

Customize External WordPress Links

custom php coding wordpress links external

WordPress Theme Post Formats

tutorial how to customize post formatting


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