Search Result Data Collection Becomes Easy with Serpstack API

Serpstack is another notable product of the popular software company, apilayer. The basic purpose of serpstack is to collect data through proxy network and to allows users to gather search result data in an automated environment. The data on SERP is available to easily accessible to general public. This SERP data is retrieved from search engines by using proxy and scrapping technology. Nearly 100% of search result types presented by Google are supported by serpstack API. These include, image searc, video search, web search, etc. All types of search engines around the world are supported by serpstack API.

About Serpstack

Serpstack API is very reliable, accessible and flexible as it is built on one of the best API layer cloud infrastructures. This infrastructure is known to be the best real-time API service in the world. In order to understand the basic functionality of serpstack API, it is best to avail the free of cost monthly plan, which is also called the trial plan. It helps users to familiarize with the product and understand its offerings. Once the usage increases, users can subscribe for any of the paid monthly plans depending on their usage.

How to use

It is very simple to use serpstack API. After signing up on the web page, users will get a unique passcode which will allow them to access serpstack API. Each user will have their own dashboard where they can monitor their remaining searches and control the data received. Furthermore, since it uses proxy, therefore users have a dedicated API endpoint; this endpoint lets users search for the locations that are supported by the API so users can request a particular location which they want to use for generating a search request.

Serpstack API Search Result

Serpstack is very helpful in devising SEO strategies for the companies as it can gather SERP data for the products and services of any business and website and track down the searches on regular basis. The SEO keywords keep changing over time as they tend to lose value and application. Serpstack API is best way to keep up with the changing trends of SEO. API requests are basically number of searches that are generated by users to look up the SERP data results. The API uptime is almost 100% as it is very monitored very closely at all times to provide best service to the customers.

The cloud infrastructure on which serpstack is built is very powerful and it can cater to a very high number of API requests at a time. It has numerous options which allows users to customize their search requests, like requesting different location, language, etc. Also, it is very easy on pocket as first 100 requests for one month are totally free. For high volume users, customized packages are available; moreover, monthly plans to cater all types of users are also available. It is trusted and high-speed API service. The data on serpstack is also protected using SSL encryption so users feel safe while using this service.

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