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WordPress is an ideal platform for building your own
portfolio, blog, or eCommerce site. It’s packed with all the basic tools you
need to build a professional-looking site. Plus, it has tools that can take
your web-building skills to an even higher level.

Get even more impressive results or add features to a
website that you might have thought could only be provided by extensive coding
or by a developer you can select among a large selection of WordPress plugins.

The only problem is this. When we speak of a large
selection, we’re not talking about a couple of hundred plugins. We’re talking
of more than 55,000.

Fortunately, you don’t need to look far to find the best
and most practical ones. Here are 8 of the very best for 2020, one or more of
which could resolve a nagging problem or put your websites on steroids.

1. Brizy Website Builder for WordPress

            A typical
plugin usually performs a specific task you need to have done, and if it’s a
premium plugin it usually does it well. If it’s free, it’s better yet.

The Brizy WordPress plugin does more than “a specific
task”. You can use this flexible drag and drop builder to create a complete
website – at no cost to you.

  • Brizy is not intimidating to learn and it’s
    intuitive and easy to work with.
  • You don’t need any coding skills. With Brizy
    coding is not necessary.
  • You get 500+ design blocks, 40 popups and 150
    layouts right out of the box to help you get things off to a quick start.
  • You can structure and build a page in minutes.
  • There’s plenty of helpful documentation and
    video tutorials to help you if and when you should need it.

Download Brizy and get started today. Before you do, you
might want to scan the website to get a complete picture of what this premium
plugin can do for you.

2. Amelia WordPress Booking Plugin

            We usually
think of WordPress plugins as useful tools we can apply to add an important
feature or capability to a website, with an aim to help a business grow. If
your business relies heavily on online bookings and appointment scheduling,
Amelia will do exactly that – help your business grow.

Amelia automates appointment and event bookings with and
ease, and customers and employees love its award-winning UI-UX design. 

While doing so Amelia: 

  • Enables your customers to book, change, or
    cancel appointments online 24/7
  • Matches customer desire with employee’s
  • Manages all your appointments and events in one
    centralized location; even if you have business locations in several areas

In short, Amelia will save you time and money by increasing
the productivity of the booking portion of your business by up to an order of
magnitude and it will make life much easier for your employees and customers at
the same time.

3. Logic Hop – Content Personalization for WordPress

            Every now
and then a plugin comes around that completely changes the game – Logic Hop is
one of those plugins. It’s been around for a little while, but savvy marketers
are seeing its potential. And, it’s making them money. How? By giving them the
ability to show the right content to the right person at the right time.

That sounds like marketing speak, but it’s true. Well
documented research shows personalization increases sales by over 200%. Sound
difficult? Well, it can be… but Logic Hop makes it easy to add personalizations
quickly. Seriously, you can be personalizing in 30 minutes. Want to do crazy,
complex stuff? Logic Hop can do that too.

Fully integrated with your favorite page builders like
Beaver Builder, Elementor, and Divi – Logic Hop will bring your conversions to
the next level. Don’t miss out, try it for yourself.

4. wpDataTables

and managing huge amounts of data in a variety of formats and from several
different sources can be anything from intimidating and absolutely

Let the wpDataTables plugin do the heavy lifting for you.
This WordPress Table and Chart plugin take minutes rather than hours. It’s
powerful, well documented, and gives you highly informative, colorful,
responsive, and easily editable tables and charts you’ll be so proud of. You
might even want to frame one or two!

5. StarCat Reviews

a rating system increases user-engagement on a site, and a 5-Star Rating shows
the quality of services offered. StarCat Reviews is an advanced WordPress
Rating plugin you can use to feature a review and rating system in any Post,
Page, WooCommerce page or CPT.

Ratings can have Multiple Criteria, Overall
Score, and can be displayed in Google search pages. This plugin has premium
add-ons for Review Voting, Photo Reviews, Reviews Post Type, and Comparison
Table and can be used to create a full-fledged review website.

6. Rank Math SEO

you are a beginner or SEO veteran, Rank Math can take your SEO skills and
knowhow to the next level. This unique SEO plugin with its clean, simple, and
easy to work with interface provides you with a powerful way to generate
traffic to your site.

Among its many beneficial features, Rank Math adds
appropriate metadata to your website, assesses your site on 40 SEO factors, and
provides you with actionable advice to improve your site’s SEO.

7. WordPress Review

you have products to sell or a service to provide, an informative review
section in your WordPress website will benefit your customers and will help you
make good decisions as well. WP Review offers several types of rating criteria,
performs product comparisons, and gives users an opportunity to provide

19 types of rich snippets are supported, WP Review
integrates smoothly with WooCommerce and is compatible with any WordPress theme
as well.

8. Heroic KB – Knowledge Base Plugin

            The Heroic
KB knowledge base plugin, with its live search, article feedback, and
actionable analysis capabilities is designed to provide your website users with
quick and informative answers to their questions and provide beneficial
information to you as well.

Heroic KB is the most popular WordPress plugin of its type.
It will integrate with your WP theme right out of the box and provide 24/7
customer support.


Any one of the 8 premium plugins listed above could have the effect of putting your website on steroids.  WP themes that provide all the features and functionality you’re ever likely do need are exceedingly few in number. That even includes many specialty themes.  Most do not include review capabilities, knowledge base functionality, or ways to personalize your content to effectively address multiple audiences. Selecting a plugin that can make your site super SEO friendly also makes good sense.

these 8 top WP plugins for 2020 are free to use, why not check them out and see
what they might do for you.


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