Looking to Code Your Designs? 9 Hand-Picked Services

Most website designers leave the coding to professional developers; since they have neither the time, the inclination, nor the necessary skills to do so themselves. Even designers who are proficient in coding, often prefer to leave the work up to professionals who they know will get the job done right.

If you’re still fairly new to the game, you may not have a clue as to which developer to choose that will indeed get the job done right. There are many good ones; some are better than others; and a select few are best of all in terms of workmanship, speed of delivery, customer service, and affordability.

We know who the top coders, slicers, and developers are. We’ve checked them out carefully, hand-picked 9, and listed them here. Each one will be an excellent choice, but as you go down the list, you will no doubt find the one that best suits your purposes.   

Sketch to HTML by Xfive.co


If Sketch is your design tool of choice, but you would prefer to leave conversion to someone else, you won’t find a better partner than Sketch to HTML by Xfive.co. The Xfive team will not only make certain that the conversion looks like your sketch design, but they will also advise you of any changes or enhancements that might make your website even better. The finished product will be fast loading, and cross-browser compatible.

Their code is W3C compliant, and depending on your needs or preferences, they will convert your design to HTML/CSS/JS pages, WordPress, Joomla!, WooCommerce, or one of the other content management systems. If you would like some modern animations to make your site’s UX more attractive, let the team know; they will be happy to comply. If your design files are in the .PSD, .INDD or .AI formats, they can help you with that too.

Xfive is a full stack development agency. They are based in Australia, but their operations and development team are conveniently located in Europe. Xfive fully deserves a position at the top of our best coding services list.



PSDgator is a small team that is capable of doing big things in theme design and development, PSD Conversion to HTML/CSS, jQuery, or various WordPress solutions. Send them your work in any of the common file formats, and they will get right on it. They will look over your project, and give you a free review and consultation before proceeding.

If it’s simply PSD to HTML you want, they will turn your design into hand-coded, pixel-perfect, W3C compliant code. If you want mobile responsive design they will give you a solution that will ensure your end users will get the most from your site. The green gator also loves providing WordPress solutions, working on Ecommerce designs, and converting PSD to Email templates.

Use their services more than once, and you will receive a 10% discount!



Chop-Chop is an excellent conversion team to work with. Not only is their workmanship top quality, but they make every effort to keep their business processes as transparent as possible. Instead of giving you a quote, which is a very acceptable way to do business, or surprising you with a bill at the end of the process, which is may not always be acceptable, their website features a price calculator that provides a close estimate as to what your conversion will cost.

Chop-Chop accepts most common design formats, including Sketch, and converts the design into hand-coded, responsive, cross-browser markup. The team will also suggest ways in which they can make your site as beautiful in internal operation, in function, and in appearance, as possible. If you have a project for which hourly rates would make the most sense, they will be happy to comply with your request.



htmlBoutique is a B2B coding service with a 5-step fast and transparent process: 1) Upload your designs in any commonly accepted format. 2) Your files will be sliced and turned into a pixel-perfect, W3C valid, cross browser compliant code. 3) Review your finished templates on a password-protected server through preview links. Note that your homepage will be ready to review in just one business day. 4) Pay on complete satisfaction and download all source files. 5) Repeat. Simple as that.

Bonus feature: A dedicated htmlBoutique manager will give you its personal assistance on every step of the way.

Direct Basing


The Direct Basing team is a reliable slicing partner. They will manage your slicing needs from beginning to end, and they can do more for you as well. If you are a freelancer, they will free up time otherwise spent on development tasks; so you can work on more projects, and make more money. If you are a creative agency, they can improve your workflow.

Direct Basing does more than simply convert your design to code. They have a great online project assessment/feedback/collaboration process in place that keeps you up to speed on the development process.



Founded in 2005, PSD2HTML® is the world’s first and most reliable service that can take your design files (PSD, Sketch, etc.) and convert them into a high-quality, well-structured code that works smoothly in all popular browsers. Should you need more than markup and JavaScript, they’ve got you covered. The PSD2HTML® team can help you with WordPress, Drupal, HTML email templates, and much more! Just let them know what you need done, and they’ll provide the best possible solution.



One good reason for including Netlings in our list is the extra care they take to ensure the finished website will run like a Swiss watch once their conversion efforts are completed. The Netlings’ team recognizes, as does every other conversion service on this list, that performance is just as importance as appearance.

They regard you as the design expert, and they see themselves as a team that takes your design, and converts it into an attractive, operational, highly-tuned, work of art. Netlings has been serving designers around the world for more than 7 years.



EmailCraft is the best choice if you need to build a newsletter or email template. No headaches, no hassle. Just send your design file and get a rock-solid HTML template the next day. The EmailCraft guys will manually test it in 37 email clients and on 12 mobile devices. Amazing! Plus, they will make it easy to edit and customize in your favorite email marketing service: MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Mandrill, StampReady, Constant Contact, or iContact.



PSDtoWP is a professional WordPress development service. Responsive layout, custom fonts and rollovers, WooCommerce integration – PSDtoWP can handle it all. Just send them your designs, and they will hand-code them into a high-quality WordPress theme. Their code is W3C valid, cross-browser compatible, and SEO semantic. They’ll keep you in the loop while working on your theme, and even after your project is over, you’ll get a whole month of the theme support for free. Nice.

Summing up

You needn’t worry about sending your design off to an unknown entity when you have this list in hand. Most of the services we’ve listed provide a wide range of services, while a couple are more specialized in their offerings.

You can be assured that any one you select will give you the best possible service and value for your money. Every single one of these service providers works hard to please their customers with an objective of establishing long-term relationships.

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