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Cloudinary Introduces Fully Automated Content- and Context-Aware Image Adaptation Solution

Adapting an image to fit the graphic design on various devices and browsers, while optimizing performance, is both an art and science. But for most web designers, it’s a laborious process and almost impossible to accomplish when you’re dealing with thousands of images – or more – for a single site. Cloudinary is eliminating all of these challenges with its new content- and context-aware image adaptation capabilities, which fully automate image management, including cropping, adjusting quality, determining responsive breakpoints and selecting the proper format.


Cloudinary has long been known for its ability to simplify image management. But the solution still required developers to identify the cropping parameters, encoding settings and various resolutions for responsive images before the images could be dynamically adapted.  With full automation built into the solution, users can now upload a single high-resolution copy of each image. That image is then automatically adapted in real-time – without any manual intervention – to focus on the most important region of the image, at the optimal quality and encoding settings, and responsively delivered on any device, at any resolution.

Cloudinary includes an array of innovative automated features, including:

  • Content-Aware Cropping – Leverages a new content-aware cropping algorithm, which uses a combination of heuristics, Cloudinary automatically detects the region of interest in every image and then crops it on the fly using dynamic URLs to fit the graphic design and layout, on any device, without losing focus on important content.
  • Intelligent Content-Aware Encoding – Cloudinary automates the file size versus quality trade-off decision by analyzing every image to find the best quality compression level and optimal encoding settings based on the image content and the viewing browser. By doing so, you will have a perceptually fine image with a minimized file size.
  • Responsive Images – Cloudinary can determine the layout width of an image on a user’s device and the density of their screen, then decide how big of an image that user will need, and select and deliver an optimal resource – all at the CDN level. Alternate, re-sized versions of images are generated with the help of Cloudinary’s Responsive Images Breakpoint algorithms. These alternate versions are cached on the CDN and selected-from on the fly — all from a single URL.
  • Format Negotiation – Cloudinary optimizes image delivery by dynamically selecting the most efficient format, based on the content and viewing browser, and converts the format in real time.

By providing full automation, Cloudinary is taking all of the guesswork and manual intervention out of the process, freeing web developers and graphic designers to focus on their core missions.


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