Best Colleges to Study Graphic Design


Over the last several years, graphic design has gained more popularity worldwide and not because people have suddenly discovered their love for art. First, this is one of the key components in the IT industry for creating user-friendly design and experience for smartphone users. Secondly, this job can be easily done on a freelance, thus allowing you to build a flexible schedule and plan your life around. Most companies have already realized the design importance and need for great branding, which makes this profession more demanded. For this reason, many school seniors choose graphic design as their major in college.

Top graphic design schools to make you successful

Even though graphic design is more about art and practice, it doesn’t mean you won`t be dealing with different projects, presentations, and writing essays just like in any other major. The workload may become so hard that you will start looking for someone who can write essays for money online. However, this is still worth it as after graduation, you will receive an opportunity to work in one of the top startups, businesses, or do projects for individual customers for good money. But first, you need to choose a college which will provide you with this opportunity.

If you are creative, innovative, interested in technology, and want to be involved in web or mobile development, commercials, business branding, or marketing, graphic design is exactly that field where you can realize your potential. To deliver a message the right way, you need good training and ideally a BA degree, which can be received in one of the top graphic design schools. Here is where you can find prestige, satisfaction, value, name recognition, and ROI:

1. Stanford University

When choosing Stanford, be ready to pay around $50K yearly, and this is in case you do enroll. Stanford is considered one of the hardest to get in at the same time, being one of the top art and design schools worldwide. Based in San Francisco, the university is surrounded by innovative startups from Silicon Valley, which gives you a lot of job options, and its alumni are now the most influential minds in the tech industry. Choose Art History program to explore digital tools and attend exclusive design classes;

2. Aalto University

If you consider education abroad, this institution based in Helsinki can provide you with its unusual but still effective teaching ways. Surprisingly, but the costs are cheaper (just $17,5K annually compared to Stanford). The university is well-known for its design program combining art, culture, politics, philosophy, and innovation. The only disadvantage that it is taught in Finnish and you will have to hit a foreign language course;

3. Chicago School of Art

This institution is home to a number of famous world artists, including Walt Disney, that is why it is on our list. Education here will cost you $46,5K per year, and its design program is ranked to be one of the best in the United States. Due to its emphasis on developing critical and analytical skills, it produces students who are able to get a well-paid job;

4. Pratt Institute

New York is known as the city of opportunities with many artistic people around. The university will charge you $48K annually, and it is best known for believing in the so-called poetic pragmatism (it means that practicality and art can and have to be combined). The university pays attention to creativity and provides interdisciplinary programs aimed at building a great career. Thus, choosing Communications Design, you can pick advertising, graphic design or illustration, whatever suits you best;

5. London University of Arts

For international students, the institution offers $23K per year and six colleges to choose from. Just like Pratt Institute, it focuses on students` future employment by having strategic partnerships with companies and businesses. Many of its alumni have been either nominated or won the prestigious Turner Prize of the best talented British artists;

6. Politecnico di Milano

Many people believe that true artists come from Italy, and this is true if they graduated from this institution. For just $4,5K per year, you will complete a three-year program and receive a degree in Science (not Arts) in one of the most recognizable Italian colleges. All courses are taught in Italian which may become a problem if not planned in advance;

7. MIT

There is no list, not including this university. Even though it is well-known for producing the brightest minds in Engineering, it also has one of the best art programs in the US (if not the whole world). Their design program costs almost $50K annually and is developed for both scientifically and artistically gifted students. The acceptance rate is very low, so you will have to work hard to get in. The good news is the scholarship availability;

8. Rhode Island School of Design

This one is on this list for a good reason, as it is the oldest and most prestigious schools in this field in the US. The annual fee is $48K, while the admission rate is just 27%. It can be proud of famous alumni and its fine arts program that involves unlimited trips to museums and exhibitions.

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