30 Stunning Green-Colored Web Design Layouts

The color green often imparts a sense of nature. The beauty of trees, shrubs, flowers, and other natural plants we can find on this Earth. But money can also symbolize other things to people such as money, health, and communication. The use of green is so widespread over so many various hues that it could be a subject of study all on its own.

For this collection I have put together 40 beautiful green website layouts. Designers all around the world can put together their own ideas for what makes these sites work. Typically it is a combination of unique branding, textures, and mixed color tones that make green elements really stick out from the background. I hope folks can enjoy these examples, and if you know any other green websites that we missed feel free to share links in the discussion area below.

Popular Grove

charleston grove website layout green design


daguia pastries sweets green website layout


green website layout inspiration greenluv ecofriendly


green envato website layout portfolio


saladee asian healthy happy food website green

Les Jardins d’Assilah

marghouba website layout interface inspiring green design


iavion compare cheap flights green website tickets


sproutbox website green flowers scenery layout

Østervang Skovbrug

ostervang skovbrug website green layout inspiring

Netlife Research

green netlife website layout inspiring

Anne Braithwaite Mediation

mediation chambers anne braithwaite website

Herrlich Media

green german website layout mustache design


mocapoke website green layout design inspiring

Go Glamping

goglamping luxury camping green trees forest website


green web design studio agency layout homepage


green layout inspiring markup4u coding

Shady Acres

pet resort vacation homepage green website


sproutlet io cultivating green website layout

Organic Supermarket

green organic supermarket sales website layout


werkpress homepage website layout internet green

Gisele Jaquenod

green blog shopping website gisele


logolabs website layout green interface design

3 Sided Cube

3-sided cube website green layout inspiring

dConstruct 2013

dconstruct development conference 2013 green website homepage

Green Ideas

green globe illustrations website layout ideas

Springhouse Solicitors

environmental law specialists firm springhouse green website

Talk to Gary

green seo website layout talktogary inspiration

Koffie Verkeerd

coffee koffie verkeerd website green layout

Pagoda Box

green layout icons inspiration pagodabox design

Kristen & Kevin Wedding

kristen rose kevin seiter wedding website green layout


yodaa birdie website natural green layout design

We Heart Trees

green natural website layout heart trees inspiring


emotions portfolio website layout green design


green frexy website layout inspiring design interface


europes absinthe vendor online green website layout

Maxtron Media

Maxtron Media TV television production studio green website

Mark Heggan

mark heggan website green layout design

Organic Themes

wordpress organic themes green website layout design


green lionite website layout studio design

A Piece of Peace

apop a piece of peace relaxation spa japanese green website

Author: Jake Rocheleau

Jake is a creative designer, illustrator, and web developer. He frequently writes articles involving new-age design concepts and freelance management skills. You can find him in Google or follow his tweets @jakerocheleau

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