30 Powerful Google Chrome Extensions for Web Designers & Developers

When Google first released their web browser into the public it caught attention like overplayed news stories. Most web developers were previously using Firefox and although many still do prefer Mozilla, Google has offered up some big competition. Chrome includes many similar features along with powerful browser extensions like Firefox. Developers and designers can benefit from toying with these extensions and sticking them into a daily workflow.

This gallery includes 30 free and powerful browser extensions for Google Chrome. Many are focused on design patterns while others relate to frontend or backend web development. Plus the Chrome Web Store is always filling up with new extensions that you can test out. If you love Chrome but haven’t dabbled much into extensions I would highly recommend trying any of the resources from this collection.


built with technology browser addon server info

Resolution Test

resolution test chrome browser addon


colorpicker chrome addon design

Palette for Chrome

palette for chrome browser addon

Chrome Sniffer

google chrome sniffer addon technology extension

JS Library Detector

javascript library detector browser addon

Google Font Previewer

google font preview addon google chrome


whatfont google chrome addon extension

Web Developer

web developer google chrome extension free


css viewer web design extension

IE Tab Multi

internet explorer browser tab extension


googel chrome extension validity validator html5


ruul extension ruler measuring browser chrome


measureit measuring extension chrome google


sight google chrome extension json font syntax highlighter

Awesome Screenshot

awesome screenshot capture annotate extension chrome

Image Downloader

image downloader chrome extension howto


jsonview viewer json code samples extension chrome

PageSpeed Insights

pagespeed insights extension chrome google

Speed Tracer

speed tracer routing internet design chrome extension


intelligent tab jumper switcher chrome extension free


rule rulers tape measure extension chrome

About Chrome Page

about chrome page details list extension

jQuery API Browser

jquery api browser extension chrome

Session Manager

session manager extension chrome google free

Lorem Ipsum Generator

lorem ipsum generator extension chrome


snappy snippet extension google chrome

WordPress Stats

google chrome extension wordpress stats

CSS Button Generator

css button generator extension chrome free

Live HTTP Headers

live http headers extension chrome browser

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