10 Excellent Examples of Distance Learning Websites

Now more than ever, distance learning is becoming popular, if not mandatory. Because of the pandemic taking its course, more and more educational institutions encourage online learning to limit contact and the spread of the virus. With this sudden boom, web designers should expect an increase in clients seeking experts to help them come up with an effective, trustworthy website or even a mobile app to promote their services to parents and students. One of the lucky ones? Here are 10 excellent examples of distance learning websites you can consider in your project.

Being one of the most trusted universities worldwide, Harvard University proved that having a simple yet visually appealing website is enough to make you an icon.

Clean and balanced – these are 2 things to describe New Charter University’s homepage.

Denman College is known for its variety of online classes which are clearly represented by the site’s vivid colors.

If you want to stay in theme, the best way to do it is to pattern the layout after the logo. This is exactly what the University of Michigan has done, with the right balance of shapes and visuals.

More than finding means on how to teach character traits at home, some parents seek to know if online learning is indeed effective. JoeZoo makes this possible through its highly photographic, illustrative site.

A newbie in coding? Code School made sure to not intimidate through its basic yet informative layout.

Know that you can expect something more advanced when you visit Team Treehouse as it maximized the use of big visuals to help their visitors easily discover learning options.

Learning a new language is way more interesting when you imagine yourself living in that country. Nihongo Master did not disappoint in that aspect.

Icons are always an effective way to layout the services your clients offer. Lynda made the most out of this concept.

You can always go for something more collaborative. Get that ‘insider feel’ from Learn the Secret Handshake’s site.

Author: Spyre Studios

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