45+ Cool PSD Toggle Switches

It is a strong trend in web and mobile UI design to use styled form elements instead of the basic look and feel offered be the browsers. Doing so allow web designers to make form elements fit much better into the overall design of the website or web app. It has always been common practice to use images and CSS to style submit buttons but form elements such as check boxes require more effort. However, with CSS3 and some jQuery form plugins it requires resonable effort and little coding to apply cool styling to all form elements. If you need more information of designeing forms using latest web standards you should read our collection of tutorials on designing web forms.

If you are designing websites with cool looking forms, admin templates or apps I am sure you would like some building blocks to make your life easier. It is possible to find complete UI design kits with many design elements, but if you just need some really cool toggle switches you have come to the right place. In this article, I have collected more than 45 toggle switch PSD files you can use to add amazing check boxes and radio buttons to your designs.

Switches with lights and shadows PSD – MORE INFO


Some cool white switches with realistic shadows. A free PSD designed by Fernando Maclen.

Toggle Buttons – MORE INFO


Another beautiful toggle button control with an iconic presentation. It can be used in your upcoming design project with a very unique and stylish toggle button.

On/Off Switches Free – MORE INFO



Here is the start of a new UI kit. It’s a minimal Creamy Colored On/Off GUI. Everything is 100% vector and can be scaled to any size if needed. This also includes a Photoshop PSD like always.

Switch  – MORE INFO


Free PSD: IOS Toggle – MORE INFO


This is a beautiful toggle switch for an iPhone app concept. this toggles allows you to decide “yes or no” if you want to display all type of contracts on the listing.

Rounded On/Off Toggle – MORE INFO


Toggle Switches – MORE INFO


Toggle switches are an essential element in mobile user interface design. You must have seen them not only on your cell phone but also many web-based user interfaces. These toggle switches are found on all mobile platforms, that is, iPhone, Android, and Windows.This toggle is made to be simple, clean, and elegant. You can change the colors or effects on this PSD template so that the toggle switches fit in well with your UI design.

Toggle Switch Variations – MORE INFO


Slide switch Freebie – MORE INFO


Free PSD switch Button – MORE INFO


Free PSD button with rocker switch that can be used as an icon, illustration and can also be applied to any web or mobile user interface. All layers are separated and grouped properly. Available in high resolution (900x820px).

Mega User Interface Design Pack – MORE INFO


This is one amazing free mega ui pack which contains volume sliders, on-off switch, social media icons, login form, buttons, navigation menu and much more. The pack comes in psd which has vector smart layers which will allow you to scale images to high resolution without loss in quality. Contains 40+ UI Design elements for free.

Raindrop iOS Toggle – MORE INFO


Sleek Progress Bar And Toggle Buttons – MORE INFO


PSD download is a set of sleek progress bar and toggle buttons in Photoshop format. These buttons are pretty modern in their look, can be used in websites, apps, software programs, and user interfaces. Like always, the UI web elements come in full vector shape layers, so you can easily edit the graphics.

Toggle Switches UI PSD – MORE INFO


Metal Toggle Switch – MORE INFO


More Switches – MORE INFO


This project contains 3 sample types of “real button” like switches in 2 sizes. Smaller are perfect for the web, bigger can come handy in application interfaces. They are really easy to edit.

Toggle UI Switches #01 – MORE INFO


Buttons and Switches (PSD) – MORE INFO




Greene Pack 3 On/Off Switches PSD – MORE INFO


Today’s freebie is a third of a Greene pack series, three simple on/off switches.

Rocker Switch [PSD] – MORE INFO


Sort Switches Toggles PSD – MORE INFO


Today’s freebie is a colorful little sucker, a set of sort switches or toggles. Whatever you prefer to call them, this UI element can come in very handy when it comes to toggling content.

Sweet Little On/Off Switches – MORE INFO


Matte Toggle Switch PSD – MORE INFO


These graphics are a stylish pair of toggle switches — one in the “On” state, and the other in the “Off” state. Easily scalable and adjustable for your own project, with plenty of texture and depth! Tags: button, Slider, toggle. Matte Toggle Switch PSD, 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings.

On/Off Switches and Toggles PSD – MORE INFO


Switches and toggles, everyone’s at it, it’s toggle crazy out there! Today’s freebie is a set of on/off switches which you can plonk straight into your next design. They’re popular for good reason, a neatly placed switch can make all the difference to the UI of an app or site and is a nice alternative to a checkbox.

GUI Switches – MORE INFO


Toggle Switch PSD – MORE INFO


Switch Buttons – MORE INFO


A set of three Colorful switch buttons perfect for you design.

Simple ON and OFF Toggle Button Switch – MORE INFO


This is a simple, yet attractive replacement for those boring default checkboxes you see all the time. It will spice up every design.

Light GUI Switches – MORE INFO


These are some user interface switches, perfect for any application, cms, or website. I included some tick and cross versions as well if you’d prefer to use those instead. Everything is 100% vector, so you can re-scale this to any size if needed. This also includes a Photoshop PSD like always

Settings Panel PSD and CSS – MORE INFO


We’re really pleased with this one. It’s a settings panel with brushed metal interface elements / toggle switches. Not only is this provided in the usual PSD format, but we’ve gone ahead and coded it up as a fully functional HTML/CSS version for you!

Toggle Switch – MORE INFO


Simple UI Elements – MORE INFO


This set of Simple UI elements contains icons, buttons, sliders and even switches. This is a fully editable psd file which can alter to your needs. The psd layers are in vector format and thus can be resized to any size you like.

Free Toggle Switches – MORE INFO


Toggle switches are increasingly popular in user interface design, they employ skeuomorphic design principles to imitate the look of their real life counterparts. This pack contains 8 unique, detailed toggle switches that would work great in web and mobile app design. Free PSD created by Tony Thomas.

PSD Toggle Switch UI – MORE INFO


A neat and original psd toggle switch UI for mobile and web app. The psd includes standard and retina resolution and is ideal to make your on/off states more appealing.

Slick ON/Off Switch – MORE INFO


Inspired by iOS on/off switch. Here you have four different versions. Round metal knobs, round plastic knobs, square metal knobs and square plastic knobs.

Itunes Inspired UI Kit PSD – MORE INFO


Today’s freebie is a full UI kit which was originally inspired by the iTunes UI. The kit includes all sorts of toggles, tabs, buttons, sliders and fields – should be enough to get you started!

On/Off Toggle Switch – MORE INFO


These are some nice On and Off Toggle Switches that are perfect for an iPhone, iPad, any kind of CMS and more! I included some Tick and Cross versions for these switches in case you prefer that look instead. This set of GUI toggle switches are fully layered and includes a Photoshop PSD like always. It was also made in vector format, so you can re-scale this to any size.

Free Toggle Buttons Retina Display Ready – MORE INFO




This might be the start of a New UI Kit. Just thought I’d give away a preview of it first. It includes on/off switches and a loader. It is entirely vector, so you can re-scale this to any size if needed. This also includes a Photoshop PSD like always.

On/Off Toggles – MORE INFO


Today’s Freebies is on-off toggles.I think we all  have seen Toggles in many different styles and colors  and so this was made in a different color.

On/Off Switch Buttons – MORE INFO


Glossy PSD Toggle Switches UI – MORE INFO


Glow effects PSD format slider toggle switch user interface.

Dark Essential Switches Toggles PSD – MORE INFO


A great collection of switches and toggles buttons for your mobile or web app. It includes 12 standard and retina toggles and switches buttons for your next project. Free PSD released by Pixeden.

Red On/Off Switch – MORE INFO


Another interface element. Shiny red switch. A bit old school,This should look great on iPhone and iPad apps.

Toggle Switch PSD – MORE INFO


A little switch which is never created before is a little experiment with a load of modern styles. This user interface psd is free to download and vector scalable to any resolution.

Toggle Switch Free PSD – MORE INFO


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