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New PSD and AI vector graphics are released online every day. Freebies have become a tremendous market themselves, gathering support from designers and developers alike. There are many freebie directories but it can be tough finding exactly what you need.

In this article I would like to share a small collection of freebies which are surely beneficial to web designers. Each of these items are free to download and implement with any project. User interface kits and icons are commonly needed for website layouts. But also consider vectors and other backgrounds for unique designs.

Flattastic UI Kit

There are lots of interface kits out there for web designers. But Flattastic is taking a different approach by designing for flat layouts. The navigation menu and content sections are all designed to mimic a flat interface. This is perfect for getting started on any new project when in need of some inspiration.

flattastic user interface kit psd

48 Flat Designer Icons

Web designers are always looking for new icons to include in their layouts. It is possible to sit down and create your own icons, but if you don’t have the time or technical knowledge then using freebies is a better choice. These 48 icons are beautiful and look flat to the page. It is a great choice for any typical website, especially using a minimalist design.

flat icons designer pack download wdd

Social Icons Pack

This semi-flat social media icons pack is another great freebie released during 2013. You can utilize these in almost any project with a big social media presence. It helps to link out to your related profiles so that visitors can connect with your website or your project.

flat not rounded social media icons freebie

Modus Versus PSD Template

Full website PSD templates are the next best choice for designers. This is especially true of developers who do not want to spend time in Adobe Photoshop creating a mockup. I would highly suggest downloading a copy of Modus Versus and playing around with the different layers. There is a lot to learn by toying around with full PSD templates and this freebie is a great place to start.

modus versus psd freebie website template

Flat UI Kit

Here we have another simpler flat user interface kit for web designers. It contains a number of common items which should help creating a fairly minimalist website. I also really like how the file is structured in an organized fashion. For a completely free PSD file, this is a beautiful flat UI kit and it could fit practically any website.

flat ui interface kit psd freebied wdd

12 Flat SEO Icons

This smaller icon set is based around marketing and SEO strategies. The icon pack is still flat and would work best in these types of websites. The free download is a courtesy to designers who have been looking for square semi-flat icons.

12 freebie seo icons pack kit

500 Mega Icon Pack

These vector icons are completely free to download and use within any project. This pack was released earlier in 2013 and includes a whole bunch of cool icons. They can work well inside a website or even a mobile application. Because there are so many icons you are bound to find something useful.

500 vector megapack icons freebie download

Simplycons Icon Set

Another beautiful simple icon set named Simplycons is free to download right off WDD. This contains a number of popular features like speech bubbles, computer hardware, and design tools. Although the preview icons are white you can always change these colors to match your own design style.

simplyicons freebie pack download wdd

SC iPhone UI Kit

There have not been many freebies detailed around mobile user interface kits. The SC UI kit is devoted for iPhone app developers and mobile webapps created for smartphones. You can implement these headers, buttons, gradients, input forms, and other similar page elements. It is a fantastic design kit for getting starting building your own mobile applications.

sc iphone app ui kit psd freebie

Slab Concrete Buttons

Although these styles may not be helpful in every website, this freebie pack does contain a number of great buttons. You can redesign many of the colors within Photoshop and duplicate the effect within your own website using CSS3. It is a great freebie collection and should provide some benefit to web designers who need some creative buttons.

freebie slab buttons grey pack psd

Aresio Web UI Kit

The Aresio user interface kit is another beautiful freebie I would highly recommend to every designer. It provides a number of staple elements you would expect to find on any webpage, like tags or buttons. Plus the colors are really easy to re-work inside Photoshop. It is perfect to condition your own simple website layout by incorporating many of these interface items.

aresio website ui kit freebie psd

Free Apple Device Icons

Many online instructional pages like to include icons for design aesthetics. This Apple icon pack includes the iPod, iPad, MacBook, Apple TV, and many other similar devices. The icons are designed perfectly to look fairly realistic yet still digitally enhanced. If you can make use of these specific device icons then feel free to download a copy.

freebie apple devices icons pack download

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