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Johny Vino

Aug 29 · 3 min read

Today, the phone is used to do many things, instead of call and talk to friends lol. It thus opened a door to Mobile app designers. Ten years ago, we didn’t even have an iPhone and thought Nokia was the future, so at the moment industrial designers were in demand. 20 years ago, there was a landline, and people thought we should create these fantastic dials, Mechanical engineers are in demand.

Therefore I advised myself these tips and wanted to share them with you.

Don’t chase to become a UI / UX designer, product designer, now everyone’s is like I’m an Experience designer haha.

Chase being a good Designer, look for aesthetics and brain to fix problems, heart to understand the problem of the user.

Okay, I’m asking you, where are those website design superheroes from 10 years back? Many people couldn’t go from website designer to mobile app design why?

Because people spent time figuring out how to produce these animations using Maya, Flash for website design, rather than thinking about human needs, solving problems and vision for the future. When fresh technology arrived, they couldn’t handle that speed.

If there is a certain subject like new software, UI, UX and you really good in it implies its 10 years-old technology. Try to imagine and think with crazy ideas about the future and always strive to learn something new.

If people call you crazy, that means you’re moving towards the future. If people call you cool, you’re only famous only for the current trend.

The answers are U — U.

First U is YOU, you must find your style, and another U is a USER. Understanding user psychology and behavior will assist you in the creation of useful products.

App design is good, but if you concentrate on the little thing and forget about the big picture, you’ll lag behind in your career, so stay up and back to understand what a great impact you are making and don’t get caught up in the mobile app designer bubble.

The history of humanity goes back 12000 years, and every generation believed that they were the best they ever had, but if you look back at each other all the same. It’s a loop.

One person requires something that another person will make a solution in the name of innovation.

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