Future of Design

Things keep on evolving so does the designing systems. It started back in 1439 when Johannes Gutenberg started with typography and from then designing had come far away.

Designers are in the center now, Back in days if you ask what type of an employee a company is looking for, the answer was Software Engineers, But now every company is looking for User Experience designers.

Design is funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, If you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.
– Steve Jobs

So what’s the future of design? Artificial intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality? VOICE?

Definitely AI, AR, VR are going to play a crucial role in the future of design and most of us are aware of it but most of us have not realized the power of voice and how it will impact the future of design.

Industry leaders like Adobe had realized it way back and hence had introduced voice based triggers in Adobe XD prototype mode.

Most of the tech giants have their own voice assistant.

  • Samsung — Bixby
  • Google — Google Assistant
  • Amazon — Alexa
  • Iphone — Siri

Designers must be like, But they are voices, what need to be design in it?

Yes it’s not visual but it does create an experience and we as an Experience designer we need to design that experience for the users like –
How the AI need to response to things they don’t know
How the AI should convey things
How the AI should response when they are offline and so on.

Voice plays a crucial role in branding as well. Here are few theme musics from tech giants. Share these music with people and they will name the brand just by listening to these musics.
Intel, Nokia, Iphone

Absolutely visual design is going to be the part of the future and will be highly used in VR and AR.

But Voice is used by most of the people even in developing countries as it comes in with your smart phone, hence voice is more accessible compare to AR and VR. As a UX designer I feel we should focus on voice as much as we are focusing on AR, AI, and VR.

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