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I remember the first time I heard these words. Me and my dad had just sat down to eat lunch at a restaurant at a local hotel in my hometown. I was home visiting for the summer. My dad and I started talking about creativity. The ups and downs of it all. My dad is a musician and writer and at the time, he was working on his latest music project. I was in the midst of my early career years in the advertising world.

As I explained my frustration to my dad, he looked at me and said the words that have become somewhat of a personal motto for me.

If you want to be creative, you can’t be certain
By Ida Persson

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Make me think

  • AI art is the new stock image
    “AI images are quick and easy to make. They look great at first sight, and they quickly replaced the use of stock images. But, like everything cheap and easy, they come with trade-offs. A short critique of the pure AI image.”
  • The eight golden rules of interface design
    “These principles, derived from experience and refined over three decades, require validation and tuning for specific design domains. No list such as this can be complete, but even the original list from 1985, has been well received as a useful guide to students and designers.”
  • Putting value on design time
    “Sometimes it’s hard to put a value on ‘design time’. Those few hours of work were incredibly valuable because they were the output of a much more significant process. That work being much more than the execution of an idea and the final outputs.”

Little gems this week

Why voice input is flawed as a primary interface input mode
By Chris Ashby

AI interactions: not a copilot, but a coach
By Philip Grabenhorst

The designer’s guide to social computing
By Jon Upshaw

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