Blooming good tactics: Bloom & Wild’s CRM strategy

Blooming good tactics

A deep dive into Bloom & Wild’s CRM strategy

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GIF from Bloom & Wild of flowers, with copy Miss you friend x

Half of households in Britain bought cut flowers in 2021. Around the world, the global flower industry is worth a huuuge $60BN.

Not even the pandemic slowed business down as customers moved to mail order blooms.

Europe’s largest direct to consumer (D2C) flower company, Bloom & Wild, doubled its sales in the first year of the pandemic alone. Apparently customers sent flowers as “somewhat of a substitute for a hug” 🥹.

I resonate with that. I’ve been a customer of Boom & Wild for three years since March 2020. My first order was sent to my mum and my gran to cheer them up during the pandemic, as I couldn’t see them given they live 70 miles and 220 miles away.

Since my first order, I’ve spent £733 on Bloom & Wild. That’s across 23 orders to 12 people across six different occasions: birthdays, weddings, new babies, anniversaries, passing of family & pets.

My average order value (AOV) was £31, my monthly revenue per user over the time period £18.52 and my lifetime value (LTV) is £733 (and on the up).

It’s lot more than I planned to spend on flowers… but I don’t regret a single penny or petal.

A screenshot of my first email from Bloom & Wild in March 2020
My first order way back in 2020. Little did I know I’d send 21 more….

What I’ve realised is that my high LTV is 90% due to Bloom & Wild’s outstanding CRM strategy.

Low-frequency D2C products can struggle to get repeat orders. Especially when creating a new behaviour in customers — which for me was sending flowers.

This is why email is so crucial. It’s a communication channel that is platform agnostic — desktop, mobile, table, Apple, Android, you name it and you can receive an email on it.

Across the world, there are 4 billion daily email users. According to SaleCycle, 50% of people buy from marketing emails at least once per month. It’s no wonder email is such a massive tool for increasing retention and revenue.

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